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Library of Miraiy

The Library of Miraiy is one of the largest and most significant libraries worldwide. It attracts thousands of scholars every year. It is closely connected to the University of Miraiy. What makes the library extra special is that it is situated in the old Imperial Palace.



According to some the founding of the library goes as far back as the reign of Seycha the Founder. Besides her many other skills she was known for her knowledge and drive to learn. Her troops collected any written text they could find for her as the Empire expanded and gained more land. Her scribes wrote down hundreds of trivia about the land and the people they conquered. In the beginning the library was a private collection stored in a large room of The Imperial Palace and only accessible to the Empress, her scribes, and her closest advisors.

First Expansion

In 534 the library moved to a different location due to lack of space in the Imperial Palace. The library became open to the public and in particular scholars. This sparked the founding of the University of Miraiy. Many people became involved in the active attempt to collect or copy as many documents and books as possible.

Second expansion

The second major expansion came when the library was moved back to where it had started. The old Imperial Palace in the heart of Miraiy. Leaders and universities all over the world gifted the library copies or even originals of books which were not part of the libraries collection at that time.

The Building

258 - 1973

The building where the Library of Miraiy is currently situated started out as the Imperial Palace. The building of this palace started in 258 shortly after the crowning of Seycha the Founder. It got expanded several times, but with the ever growing city around it a new palace was eventually built.

1973 - 2015

After the Empress moved to the new palace her administration remained in the old palace for 4 more years until the administrative wing of the new palace was completed. The empty parts of the palace became used by the university which turned several rooms into classrooms. When the administrative seat of the Empire moved out the university took over the entire building until they too moved to a new location.

2015 - present day

In 2018 the library moved back to where it had started long ago. After the university moved out of the old palace the building was completely renovated. New floors were added and many of the old features were restored. The renovation lasted almost three years, but according to architects all over the world it had been worth it. The library is regarded as one of the most beautiful once in the entire world.
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Imperial Library
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