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The Enchanted Inn

One of the most popular establishments in Miraiy is The Enchanted Inn. From the moment you step through the main gate it is as if you have stepped into a fairytale world. All staff members are dressed according. The decorations only add to the feeling of stepping into a magical world. The experience is so mesmerizing that many people secretly believe the inn truly is enchanted.



The main gate is a wide circular double door. When stepping through it the weary traveler enters the reception area which leads into the front courtyard.

Front Courtyard

Despite the fact that the front courtyard houses storage rooms and stables everything in this courtyard fits the theme of the inn. From the beautifully carved stable doors to the strings of floating candles suspended in the air. A cobbled pathway leads to the second gate.

Main Courtyard

The main courtyard is also called The Fairy Garden. It is one of the most beautiful courtyards in all Ghynzua. Its most prominent feature is a shallow pool filled with fish and water lilies. Trees and flowering plants provide the perfect backdrop. Various intricately carved benches can be found throughout the garden.

Main building

The main building can be found on the opposite side of the second gate. One must cross the main courtyard to get there. The building is two stories high and features a ground floor dining area which opens up into the main courtyard.

Guest Rooms

Many who seek lodging in Miraiy come to The Enchanted Inn. The inn has two buildings on the remaining sides of the main courtyard exactly for this purpose. Each is two stories high and holds ten comfortable rooms. Like the rest of the inn the guest rooms fit perfectly in the fairytale theme. Flowering vines make their way across the balconies. Waterbowls with floating candles provide light. One thing is sure, your time in The Enchanted Inn will not be forgotten easily. It is recommended to reserve a room weeks before arriving though since the inn is so popular.

Cabinet of Wonder

Hidden away in a back corner behind the main building is a room called the Cabinet of Wonder. Visitors who find the hidden entrance to this room need to follow a small pathway which leads through a tunnel of plants. They will then come upon a sliding door with Cabinet of Wonder written above the door. Inside the room cabinets full of wondrous items can be found on display.

The Menu

An inn would not be an inn without food and drinks. Visitors can find tea and coffee on the menu as well as wine. There is also a selection of steamed buns with various fillings of which the hex bun is a favorite among the guests. It is filled with steaming hot vegetables, grilled blue salmon and topped with a spicy black sauce. The hex bun is served while the steam of the filling is still swirling up in the air. The menu also has a selection of heatstone dishes like grilled fish and vegetables sometimes combined with rice or millet. During the winter months the stews are very popular.
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The Storyteller

A favorite person among the guests is the Storyteller. He's a frail old man with long grey hair and an equally long beard. He walks into the courtyard each evening and sits on a bench next to the pool. The tree branches above him are decorated with lanterns. He sits patiently waiting for the guests to arrive. They gather around him with cushions and blankets. Once everyone has found their place the story telling begins. Not only does he know every well-known fairytale and legend, but rare tales as well. Some of which many people have never heard before.

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The Sentinel Sling

One of the items in the Cabinet of Wonder is a weapon which was once wielded by the Sentinels of Mistwood. Little is known about these creatures so it is uncertain if the sling was truly wielded by a Sentinel thousands of years ago. Fact is however that the sling in the Cabinet of Wonder is made from an unknown material. Throughout the years many scientists have visited the Cabinet of Wonder to study this sling. None have ever come to an agreement about its true origin however.


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