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Shrine of the Founder

May you look upon this babe and give her your blessing.
May she be strong but also gentle,
Brave yet also thoughtful,
Smart but also cunning,
A shield yet also loved.
May this child be known to all by the name..., From this day, Until eternity.
— Rites from name giving ceremony
On the northern beach of Miraiy stands a shrine dedicated to Seycha the Founder. It was built in the same spot as where she came on shore before liberating the small village Miraiy used to be. It is the same spot at which she was crowned First Empress of Ghynzua. And also the same spot where her bones were laid to rest. The shrine is visited by ghynzuans all year round. Most aim to visit the site at least once in their life. For the citizens of Miraiy it is also the place where their children are named. And where they celebrate Foundation Day.

Name Giving

Every newborn child is brought to a shrine dedicated to Seycha the Founder to receive its name. Since Ghynzua is a vast empire such shrines can be found all throughout its territory. Name giving is an important step in an infants life. They receive Seycha's blessing and their name. From that day on they are part of the empire.

Foundation Day

Every year the founding of Ghynzua is celebrated. In Miraiy the ceremony is held at the Shrine of the Founder. Although all throughout the empire ceremonies are held that day, many people come to Miraiy especially for the celebration. And to catch a glimpse of the Empress. On the day of celebration the shrine is decorated with flowers and vines. Fire bowls and torches are lit. And the Empress leads the ceremony. Many are not only interested in the ceremonial part. Afterwards the Empress speaks to the people. This speech is always highly talked about during the rest of the year. Once the speech is over the real festivities start.
Parent Location
Owning Organization
Seycha the Founder
Character | May 27, 2021

Founder and first Empress of Ghynzua.

Organization | Nov 8, 2021


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