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The Imperial Palace

Classified as one of the Architectural Wonders of the World, the Imperial Palace in Miraiy is the largest palace of the world. It not only serves as the main residence for the Empress and her household, but is also the political and administrative center of Ghynzua.


Construction started In 1973 after the former palace was deemed too small to house both the Imperial household, the Councils and various administrative seats. Materials came from all over East Eghea. According to records more than thousand stigy's were used for the transportation of these materials.


It is sometimes claimed by outsiders that the Imperial Palace of Ghynzua is not the largest in the world. They claim it is not a single building but rather a complex of many buildings grouped together. These claims are false however. Each part of the palace is connected to other parts through hallways. And therefor it must be seen as one building.

Palace Garden

The Imperial Palace is surrounded by vast gardens with a ten meter high wall around it. Two of these gardens are open to the public year round.  

Public Wing

Used for public events.  

Administrative Wing

Houses the administration. This wing is also open to the public at certain times.  

Council Wing

The political center of the Empire.  

Private Wing

Houses the current Empress and her household.  


  The Imperial Palace is known for its elegant decorations. Walls are adorned with ornamental strips depicting branches and leaves. These same patterns can also be found on doorframes.
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Owning Organization
Species | Jul 5, 2023

Stigy's are massive mammals covered in a long white fur. They are native to East Eghea, and are often used as a beast of burden.


The Hidden Palace

A popular myth amongst ghynzuans tells of a secret complex underneath the Imperial Palace. It is there that a secret organisation of spies and assassins supposedly lives so they are always at the Empress exposal.


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