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I can see by the look on your face old Dumpling here is your first stigy. Oh, I know, he's a giant. But I swear on Seycha's blade, you won't find a gentler creature anywhere on this world.
— Lanmo Kamoto, stigy car driver.

The stigyrompus is a strong and massively built land mammal native to East Eghea. The stigy's, as they are called, are known for their gentle nature and unmatched strength. They have been used as pack or work animals for thousands of years. Throughout the ages they have become a common sight in Ghynzua.


Stigy's are the largest species on land. They have a very round body, four short limbs, and an even coat of long and soft fur. Their ears are rounded and they have no external tail.
That stigy is bigger than my house.
— A common saying in Ghynzua


The stigyrompus is a herbivore. In the wild they graze on the steppes of central East Eghea. They also use their feet to dig up edible roots. Domesticated stigy's need a large enough area to graze, but also eat various kinds of vegetables and grains. They have a weak spot for sweet foods like fruit and honey. It is best however to limit their daily sweets intake since they tend to get hyperactive and skittish from the sugar rush. On occasion this can lead to a stampede. Considering the size of the stigy's that can quickly turn into a hazardous situation.
One early morning Sweetpea broke out of her paddock, took a stroll through town and got into the imkers bee farm. There was not a drop of honey left. I took her back home when I found out. What else could I do?
— Sweetpea's owner

Sweetpea had been extremely skittish from the moment she was reunited with the other stigy's. Not much later a loud sound startled her so much she shrieked a warning call. In no time all fifteen stigy's broke through the fence and stampeded in blind panic towards the lake. We were lucky no one was killed.
— Hamato Han, baker


Stigy's are often named after their favorite food. Millet, Strawberry and Honey are some examples. Names connected to their looks or behavior is also common. For example: Fluffbum, Snufflenose and Trotter.
Scientific Name
Stigyrompus Flufarius
90 years
Average Height
5 - 5.2 meters
Average Weight
16000 - 18000 kg
Average Length
12 - 14.5 meters
Geographic Distribution
That kid is going to get far in life. She's got the brain of a stigy.
— A common saying in Ghynzua


The stigyrompus is often used as a beast of burden. They are so big and strong that they can easily pull a two-tiered carriage large enough for sixty people. The stigy taxi is a common form of public transportation in Ghynzua. On the other hand are they also used to transport products (food, items, etc), and in the construction of large buildings or infrastructures.


The stigyrompus is often viewed as the most intelligent animal in the world. They are eager to learn and therefore easy to train for various tasks. Especially since they can learn the basic use of certain tools.
Stigy's show a wide variety of behaviors. They are able to grief and show compassion. Stigy drivers often claim their animals even show behavior associated with altruism. Furthermore they are very cooperative and have a great memory. It is a commonly shared wisdom in Ghynzua to never harm a stigy in any way. Because they will never forget you treated them poorly.


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