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Ghynzua is an empire in East Eghea. It is the largest nation in the world and the only true matriarchy. Its territory takes up most of East Eghea, reaching from the southern sand-plains all the way to the borders of the northern clans.


The absolute head of government is the Empress. To help her govern the vast territories of Ghynzua she has one Grand Council and eight Small Councils at her disposal. The Empress has a veto over all the councils. In practise this is rarely used however.  

Grand Council

The Grand Council consists of eight matriarchs and the Empress. They are the people who create or change the laws and they make the final decisions about the petitions coming from the Small Councils. The eight matriarchs are chosen by the Empress. Gaining a seat in the Grand Council is a permanent position. However, the matriarchs can withdraw from the Grand Council when they wish. And the Empress always has the power to dismiss a matriarch. The eight matriarch each represent one region of the Empire.  

Small councils

The Small Councils each have jurisdiction over a certain region of the Empire. Each Small Council consists of eight members and one Grand Council matriarch. The Small Councils have some autonomy in making minor decisions. Anything that has to be brought before the Grand Council will be written down in a petition. Each council member must sign the petition before their Grand Council matriarch can take it to the Grand Council. The members of the Small Councils are elected every four years. It starts with a two month time-frame in which every resident of Ghynzua has the possibility to recommend a candidate for the small councils. Usually council members will represent the region they reside in.  

Brief History

Before the Pulse East-Eghea was divided into several kingdoms. Each king had a number of clans he ruled over. Many of the clans had a warlike attitude however. Kings often died prematurely so that another could take their place. Life for the common people was not always easy, but many had a good life. Then the Pulse came. Though less destructive as in West-Eghea, the pulses still resulted in a lot of death and destruction. While many people struggled to survive in an almost post-apocalyptic world, the clans saw their opportunity. A brutal era submerged from between the ashes. Clan wars tore the continent apart. Warlords rose to fame just to fall by the hands of another. For the people of East-Eghea life was a living nightmare. Death, torture, rape and slavery were as common as the endless struggle against starvation.  
What is this life you speak off? All we know is the struggle to survive.
— Anonymous around 200 AP
  In the year 252 AP life for some people was about to change for the better. In the early morning of the longest day a woman arrived on the shores of a small fishers village. The villagers had befallen the same fate as the rest of East-Eghea. A rogue warband had taken their homes, killed the men and defiled the women. The children were being held hostage to assure the compliance of the women. They were forced to cook, clean and do whatever their capturers demanded of them.
When the strange woman walked into the village she was barefooted and wore nothing but loose pants and a tunic, while her long black hair was tied up in a simple knot. The warriors saw an easy victim in her despite the long curved sword she held in her left hand. When they approached they soon found out how wrong they had been. Before anyone realized what was about to happen the warlord found his head separated from his chest.
Strengthened by the strangers fierceness the women of the village took up whatever tool they could find and attacked the remaining warriors. They reclaimed their village with few casualties on their side. The fact that no men survived the warrior’s initial attack resulted in the first village ruled by women. The strange woman who had liberated the village was chosen as leader.
The first expansion of the womens territory came by circumstance. Attacks from nearby clans made them strike back to assure the safety of their children. And soon they added other villages to their territory until the empire was founded in 258 AP. During this time the foundation for the matriarchy was laid. The women proved greater warriors than anyone had anticipated. Throughout the centuries the empire grew until it took up most of East-Eghea.
Founding Date
2 geyani, 258
Geopolitical, Empire
Alternative Names
The Matriarchy
Head of Government
Legislative Body
The Grand Council
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