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Thuya Ebi

Thuya Ebi was one of the greatest thinkers Ghynzua ever had. Though she has many accomplishments to her name she is known worldwide as the woman who cracked the rune language from the Forgotten.
— Excerpt from The Age of the Forgotten

Early life

Thuya was born on a gentle winter night in her family's hamlet. She was an only child but grew up amongst nephews and nieces, as is common in Ghynzua. From the moment she was a few months old it became clear this child was a fast learner. At the age of three Thuya was already able to read simple children books. Within a few years she had read every book her family possessed. By the time she was six and went to school for the first time there was hardly anything left to learn for her there. Thanks to her teacher's she quickly got into the Great Minds School at Miraiy.


Barely seven years old she left her family behind and moved to Miraiy where she lived on the school premises like many other children. Thuya had a lot of interests. But languages were her passion. She learned new languages so fast the school had to bring in new teachers from all over the world regularly. At the age of fifteen Thuya was allowed to study at the University of Miraiy. It was in her second year there that she was given the opportunity to join a group of scholars who were tasked with deciphering the Saion Rune Tablet. Much to everyone's surprise she was the first to make a vital breakthrough. With her discovery Thuya and her team managed to translate part of the tablet. Thuya eventually not only became a grandmistress in linguistics, but also in anthropology.


During her summer break after her second year at university Thuya made a discovery which changed ghynzuan economy forever. With the ability to read some of the runes of the Forgotten she went to an underground complex once built by the Forgotten near her home. There she discovered it was once used to make glass sheets for windows. With the help of a team of specialists she eventually managed to make the glass factory function again. Glass windows became one of the most important export products of Ghynzua. Thanks to the translation of the Saion Rune Tablet several other devices left behind by the Forgotten were brought back in function. Not only in Ghyzua but everywhere in the world. Thuya is seen as one of the greatest minds in human history.
2886 AP 2970 AP 84 years old
Black, long, wavy
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
1.73 m
62 kg
Aligned Organization
Earned Title

The Great Minds School

A school, located in Miraiy, for those kids who are extremely smart. They have often little to learn in a regular school. To make the most of their talents the ghynzuan government makes sure all children smart enough for this school can attend. They pay all expenses of their students.


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