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Iweha Aethim

In the hills about 100 km east from Miraiy lies a place unlike any other. Abandoned by the Forgotten, uninhabited for thousands of years. Until one woman discovered its secrets.
— Excerpt from The Empire


Tales about a mysterious underground place in the hills of central Ghynzua can be traced back to a time long before the Pulse. It was believed by the locals that this place was once built by the Forgotten. For a long time it was a forbidden location, its original function unknown. But like any forbidden place some people were drawn to it. Artefacts from within the vast halls were taken. Some were sold, while others were treasured and kept as a family heirloom. This tradition proved essential in the discovery of the function of this place. After the Pulse, during the Age of Discovery, many scholars tried to unravel the secrets of the Forbidden Halls as locals called them. No one was able to read the strange markings though. And the original function of the strange furniture found within remained a mystery. With the discovery and eventual translation of the Saion Rune Tablet in Miraiy that was about to change.
She was barely seventeen, yet she did what no scholars could.
— Natsu of Ghynzua, twenty-eight Empress of Ghynzua
In the year 2903 a young woman named Thuya Ebi returned home after her second year at the Miraiy University. She was one of the youngest students at the university, but thanks to her impressive linguistic skills she became part of the team working on the translation of the Saion Rune Tablet. Within weeks Thuya made the first breakthrough which allowed the team to translate the entire tablet. This was the first time that people could read the words left behind by the Forgotten. When she returned home Thuya was eager to visit the Forbidden Halls near her home. With her notebook in hand she started the tedious task of translating the runes. It was not until she remembered her family's heirloom (a piece of perfectly clear glass) that she finally discovered the true function of Iweha Aethim. This was the place where the Forgotten had made the glass windows they had used in their buildings.


Iweha Aethim is a vast underground complex. It is entirely man made by the Forgotten, and like any of their structures it is still intact today. The complex can be roughly divided into three areas. One is used for storing and handling the raw materials. A second for all the hot parts of the procedure. A third for the cooling and coating of the glass sheets. The city above ground stretches from the factory to the south and west. Houses and shops have been integrated into the hills. What can be seen on the outside is often just a small portion of the building.

industry and trade

The production of glass sheets for windows was groundbreaking when the factory opened in 2906. Many had seen the clear and strong glass that could be found on many of the Ageless Structures once built by the Forgotten. Since that time many nations have tried to produce glass as pure as Ghynzua glass. None have succeeded though.
Alternative Name(s)
Aethim (settlement), The Glass Factory (underground complex)
Underground / Vault
Owning Organization

The Settlement

After the production of glass started the first settlement outside the factory was established. Over the centuries it has grown into a large city with a population of 62000 people. Although the city is officially named the same as the glass factory, most people refer to it as Aethim.


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