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In Ghynzua the title Grandmaster is earned by proving to the Empress that you are worthy of the title. This often comes unexpectantly after a heroic act, or after providing the community with something important. It is therefore not a title one can inherit or buy.

Under the Empress' attention

The receiver of this title is often first brought to the attention of the Empress by their community. If people feel someone is worthy of the title, they will notify someone of authority in their community, who then petitions one of the Small Councils. They will then decide who to bring to the Empress' attention. The petitions who get through this first round of selections will make their way to the Grand Council, in which the Empress has a seat. She always has the last word in these decisions, but often takes the advice of her council members into consideration.

Notable Title Holders


One Grandmaster who gained worldwide attention is Bumble, a male stigy who saved the lives of a delegation of the Grand Council. It was the first time in history that an animal earned this title. Bumble's owner and driver Hisao San, also received the title because he was part of the rescue.

Thuya Ebi

One of the greatest thinkers Ghynzua ever had was Thuya Ebi. She was the first to translate the Saion Rune Tablet, and became the first person to decipher New Ealdorian runes. This later allowed her to discover the function of the underground structures in Iweha Aethim. Thanks to her, Ghynzua can now produce the highest quality of glass windows in the world. These feats earned her the title of grandmaster in linguistics.
Form of Address
Source of Authority
The Empress of Ghynzua
Length of Term
Related Locations
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Losing the title

It is uncommon for anyone to lose their title of grandmaster, since it normally lasts a lifetime. However, when a person commits a crime, or loses public respect, it is possible for them to lose their title. In this case, the Empress will make the final decision of stripping said person of their title. The person will be informed of this, plus the loss of their title is printed in the imperial newspaper. This newspaper is distributed all throughout the empire, making an announcement like the loss of a title, a topic of conversation for many.


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