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Bumble is a male Stigyrompus who works in passenger transportation with his driver and best friend Hisao San. The gentle giant is a well known sight along the roads of Northern Ghynzua. Thanks to an extraordinary display of bravery Bumble was the first stigy ever to receive the title Grandmaster along with Hisao.

Early life

Bumble was born on a stigy farm outside Miraiy. The farm is part of the Stigy Academy where people are trained to be a Stigy Driver. From an early age he showed great interest in the toddler training newly weaned stigy's receive. He was allowed to join them at the age of seven even though he was not fully weaned yet. This did not stop the young stigy from being the best of his class. He was especially adept at memory games. His favorite toy was a bright orange ball with which he could play for hours. He has always had a bit of an adventurous spirit which got him into trouble more than once.

When he was a wee toddler we had to rescue Bumble several times from a ditch he had fallen into. The same ditch, every time. And ofcourse there was also that time when he decided to go for a walk all by himself. No one saw him leave. He had the entire farm on high alert until he finally came strolling back as if nothing had happened.
— Stigy Trainer

Meeting Hisao

Bumble met Hisao when the young man was in his first year at the Stigy Academy. Although first year students are not allowed to work with adolescent stigy's Hisao did not doubt a second when he saw Bumble trapped in a bundle of thick ropes. Despite his strength the stigy could not get rid of the ropes which were tangled around his legs and he started to panic. Hisao feared that Bumble would get hurt in the time it would take him to find help, so he approached the gigantic animal speaking calmly in an attempt to soothe him. Bumble seemed to understand what Hisao was trying to do and allowed the boy to get close enough so he could cut the ropes. Bumble never forgot what Hisao did for him. Whenever he saw Hisao on the training grounds he would call out to him with a deep bellowing sound. Soon Hisao was allowed to help groom Bumble after their classes had ended. The two have been inseparable ever since.

Bumble got in trouble once again thanks to his inquisitive nature. Tangled up in a pile of thick ropes. Don't ask. He always gets into the most awkward situations. Anyhow. Young Hisao saw him in trouble, managed to calm him down, and freed him. That boy has a gift I tell you. Calming down a distressed stigy is no small feat.
— Stigy Trainer

The Start of a Career

After graduating from the Stigy Academy Bumble and Hisao took on an apprenticeship with a master Stigy Bus driver. In this first year they traveled all over Ghynzua but fell in love with the snow covered roads of the north. Both Hisao and Bumble did their job so well in this first year that not only their master provided them with recommendation letters. Several other masters they met during that year wrote one for them as well. After Hisao received his full Stigy Driver license it came as no surprise when they applied for long distance passenger transportation in Northern Ghynzua. They have been traveling the Ice Road ever since.

An act of Heroism

The year 3415 would later be known as The Long Winter. The first snow fell in Neba in early autumn, five weeks earlier than expected. Many people were caught of guard and the ghynzuan government had to send emergency supplies to prevent people from starving. Bumble and Hisao were among the Stigy Sleigh teams send out to deliver supplies to cities, villages and family communities. It was on one of those trips that the two stumbled upon a stranded stigy sleigh with a delegation of the Grand Council on board. They had been on their way back from Neba to Miraiy when disaster struck. Their driver suddenly died and his stigy was so upset that he pulled free from the sleigh and refused to move. In an upcoming snowstorm Hisao somehow managed to approach the grieving stigy and convinced the gigantic animal to be strapped to his sleigh again. In the middle of a blizzard Bumble guided the other stigy with his sleigh and passengers to the nearest stigy stop. Even when Hisao had to take shelter in his own sleigh Bumble kept on going in a world that had turned into a freezing white nightmare. Whenever the other stigy wanted to stop Bumble would bellow at him, encouraging the animal to keep on going. It was nearly morning by the time the two exhausted stigy's arrived at the stop with their cargo and passengers. Everyone miraculously survived, except ofcourse for the previously departed stigy driver. Hisao and Bumble made sure he was brought back to his family so he could have a proper funeral. His stigy was allowed to retire and has lived with his driver's family ever since.

Grandmaster Bumble

It did not take long before the duo's heroic act was brought to the Empress attention. She was so moved by the stories she heard from her delegation members, and the deceased driver's family, that she invited Bumble and Hisao to The Imperial Palace. There they had the opportunity to meet her in person. The Empress spend a long time talking to the two in the palace gardens, thanking them for their act of heroism.

True to his nature Bumble stumbled into a shallow pond in the palace gardens while we were having a walk with the Empress. My heart stopped. For a moment I was certain we would get executed at the spot. But the Empress just laughed and waded into the pond herself. She splashed water on Bumble. I swear it's the truth. Ofcourse the big loaf thought it was a game. But she didn't care that he got water on her.
— Hisao San

Afterwards the Empress decided that not only Hisao would be granted a title. Bumble was getting one as well. The first stigy in history to receive the title of Grandmaster. The ceremony was held two days later in the palace gardens, amid great public interest. Afterwards Hisao was offered a position as Imperial Stigy Driver. He politely refused because in his heart he knew Bumble would always be happiest traveling the Ice Road. The Empress respected their choice. Ever since that day she invites the two once a year at the Imperial Palace. There she takes them for a walk through the palace gardens. Much to the delight of Bumble.



Work partner and best friend (Vital)

Towards Hisao San



Hisao San

Stigy Driver and best friend (Vital)

Towards Bumble



Nicknames & Petnames

Hisao uses the following nicknames for Bumble: big loaf, pretty boy, bumblebee.

Commonalities & Shared Interests

They both love traveling. Especially through Northern Ghynzua.

Legal Status

Hisao is legally the owner of Bumble.

Current Location
Year of Birth
3385 AP 42 Years old
A stigy farm outside Miraiy
Current Residence
Traveling the Ice Road
Dark green
Long soft white fur
5.03 m
16245 kg
Aligned Organization
Species | Jul 5, 2023

Stigy's are massive mammals covered in a long white fur. They are native to East Eghea, and are often used as a beast of burden.



Like all stigy's Bumble is gigantic. He has dark green eyes and a white fur. His left ear is drooping a bit, while the right is perfectly normal.

From the moment he opened his eyes I knew this cub was special. All he wanted to do was stand up instead of laying in the hay with his mother and feed. He bumbled around all day.
— Stigysitter

The Ice Road

The ice road is a network of trade routes which connect North and Central Ghynzua. Most of the routes are snowed under during winter time and some almost the entire year. When possible carts or carriages are used, but once the roads are snowed under travel is done by Stigy Sleigh.

Ice Road
Building / Landmark | Nov 17, 2020

A network of trade routes in Northern Ghynzua.


The Stigy Academy

Anyone interested in becoming a Stigy Driver must succeed at the yearly admission test held nationwide. Even then only twenty students are chosen to start their first year at the academy. Not only humans study at the academy though. The school has their own stigy farms and training programs. From the moment they are weaned the young stigy's are enrolled in what is called toddler training. In a playful way they learn the basics which will come in handy in their later career.

Stigy Academy
Organization | Nov 17, 2020

Stigy Driver
Profession | Jun 29, 2021

The profession of driving a stigy drawn vehicle.


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