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Stigy Bus

Get your tickets folks! Leaving for Neba in ten minutes.
— Stigy driver
  One of the most popular methods of long distance travel in Ghynzua is the stigy bus. It is a large, enclosed and sprung stigy drawn vehicle used for passenger transport. Double-decker busses are the most common. Although some of the more expensive busses swap out height for length to offer travelers separate rooms on board.  

Stigy Stops

There are a multitude of stigy stops scattered throughout the empire. A network of wide and well maintained roads connects them.
Most stigy stops can be found outside villages and cities. Only a few larger cities have the accommodation and room for a stigy stop inside their walls. A full grown stigy is simply too large for most streets and alleyways. Even without the bus it pulls.
The stigy bus is a comfortable way of traveling and well organized all throughout Ghynzua.
— Excerpt from A guide to Ghynzua.
  Each stigy stop has room for the stigy busses waiting for passengers. There is always a field nearby where stigy's can get some rest, water and food.  

History of stigy bus services

The first stigy bus was launched for easier travel between Miraiy and Neba in 2153. It became so popular that a year later 3 more bus lines were started.
The first routes connected Miraiy to various popular destinations. Later on travel between other cities became possible and more stops were added along the way.
The routes traveled by stigy busses are maintained by the ghynzuan government. And kept in good condition.
We pull your weight
Related Professions
15 to 30 m
2.5 to 4 m
50 - 55 km/h
Complement / Crew
Stigy driver (more than one for longer trips)
Cargo & Passenger Capacity
15 - 80


Stigy busses are partly funded by the ghynzuan government. The drivers are required to get a license which they can lose if they do not follow the rules.  

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