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Roban Dreadmask

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Roban Dreadmask was a notorious pirate, who is still famous today thanks to all the literature written about him. He was known for wearing a mask depicting the mouth of a demon. According to legend it was able to bring fear to anyone who lay eyes upon it. He lived at the end of a time where pirates ruled the Eghean Sea. And it was Roban himself who put a stop to the pirates dominion for no other then Empress Shiinu of Ghynzua. Thanks to her he sailed the fastest pirate ship ever made: The Empress Revenge.

Early Life

Not that much is known about Roban's childhood. He himself never disclosed anything about his life before he became a pirate at just 12 years old. So we do not know with certainty where he was born, or who his parents were. Many rumors were spread during his life, of which some likely by Roban himself. Some of these rumors were a claim that he was royal offspring thrown into the sea by his siblings, and saved by pirates. While another claimed he was born and raised in Paradise Cove, a famous pirate settlement, and destined to become a pirate from birth. Historians believe though he was born to a poor family, in one of the southern Walled Cities of West Eghea. He possibly spend most of his childhood living on the street, fending for himself. Roban was a very intelligent and charming man. It is easy to see how he, as a 12 year old, talked his way onto a ship to learn the profession of a sailor. It is speculated that this same ship was then captured by pirates, and while the rest of the crew was killed, Roban became part of the pirate crew. It was, and still is, very unusual for such young boys to serve on a pirate ship. Troughout his life Roban kept repeating this feat of surviving deadly situations with wit and charm. It is one of the aspects of his character that contributed to his fame and later downfall.

Becoming a pirate

From the day this boy stepped onto my ship I knew he great potential. He's witty, smart, charming, fearless and ruthless. Everything a pirate should be.
— Captain Tillian Grey
Roban spend his first five years as a pirate under the guidance of Captain Tillian Grey. The ship they sailed, the Lost Fortune, was as famous as its captain. It was a very agile and fast ship. Perfect to run down slower and heavier merchant vessels. Roban would later often speak with much respect about his former captain, who became an important father figure in Roban's life. In fact, Captain Grey never made a secret of his desire to make Roban his successor. Later in life Roban would claim he killed his first man under the watchful eye of his captain at the mere age of fourteen. He learned a lot more however and became a skilled pirate, primed for his eventual role as captain.


The death of Captain Grey was a huge loss for everyone. At the time, we did not know what the future had in store for us.
— Unknown crew member
3268 AP 3303 AP 35 years old
Grey Blue
Short, dark brown
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
1.85 m
76 kg
Aligned Organization

Escaping Death


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