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The Empress Revenge

The Empress Revenge is the most famous pirate flagship ever build. It is still the fastest sailing ship, and so well equipped it is every pirates dream.
— Excerpt from Sea and Sails
Between 3289 and 3303 pirates made trade from and to Ghynzua's harbors extremely dangerous. The Empire responded by sending part of its naval fleet to deal with the problem. Soon though it became obvious the pirates would not be dealt with so easily.

The Pirate War

During the next ten years the empire doubled its fleet and declared full on war against the pirates. During this time naval trade came to a near halt. The pirates were used to make use of their wit and reputation. The Empire was a quick learner however. Their warships became faster and easier to maneuver. Despite several setbacks the Empire ultimately destroyed most of the pirates. By 3300 only four of the toughest pirate flagships remained. Their crew and especially their captains were legendary. Known for the clever ways they managed to stay out of the Empires grasp. Feared for their bravery and mercilessness these pirates were more than the Empire's fleet could handle. One of these remaining pirate ships was the Lost Fortune.

Lost Fortune Taken

In 3301 the Lost Fortune ended up in a hurricane after escaping a ghynzuan warship. The Lost Fortune took so much damage that she stranded on a neary island. There the surviving crew and its captain were captured by the ghynzuan warship. They were brought to Miraiy where they were locked up and awaited their trial. None expected to live.

Pirate meets Empress

To everyones surprise Empress Shiinu had the pirate captain brought before her. Both their reputations - hers for her beauty, his for his whitty remarks - drew a large crowd to the palace.
We all know what an impact her beauty has on men and women alike. But no one expected the most famous pirate to be so enchanted by her. For minutes he could not speak, and when he finally did he was as polite as could be.
— Palace Guard
Much to the amusement of the spectators even the famous Roban 'Dread Mask' was not immune to the Empress charms. But when he finally spoke to her a respectful silence came over the audience.
I have seen the most magnificent treasures during my travels, Your Imperial Highness. But never have I seen anything more beautiful than you.
— Captain Roban 'Dread Mask' being his charming self

The Alliance

After their first public meeting it is said the two met in private. How private is up for debate. According to some they were completely alone. While others claim the Empress was never truly alone with the pirate. Her assassins where watching in secret. No matter what exactly happened, fact remains the Empress convinced Roban, and through him his crew, to help her defeat the remaining pirates.

The Empress Revenge

To capture the remaining pirates Roban needed a new ship. The Empress Revenge was build precisely as he wanted, and equipped with any weapons he desired. When she finally set sail The Empress Revenge was the fastest and best armed pirate ship roaming the seas. Roban and his remaining crew were accompanied by ghynzuan soldiers and 5 warships. He didn't need the help however. With The Empress Revenge he hunted down the 3 remaining pirateships and destroyed them all.

Last Goodbye

Roban returned to Miraiy victorious. He and his men were given citizenship and were allowed to remain in the city. Most of the pirates took up work on ships. Not Roban however. He remained in Miraiy and became a frequent guest at the palace. Two months later Roban became ill. Within five days he died. The official cause of death was sirens plague. He was given a burial at sea attended by the Empress and the grand council.
Owning Organization

Dread Mask

Robans nickname came from the mask he always wore. It gave him a dreadful looking face. It is normal for pirates, and other seafaring people to wear special masks to prevent infection by sirens plague.
Sirens Plague
Condition | Jul 3, 2021

A deadly disease that people on ships can contract.



There was a lot of gossip about Roban and Empress Shiinu ever since their first meeting. His frequent visits to the palace made many believe they had a relationship. According to some he feigned his love for her simply to get his hands on the best ship in existence. While others believed she was using him merely to get rid of the remaining pirates. After Robans death most believed he was poisoned. Those believing the Empress was merely using Roban claimed she had ordered her assassins to poison him. Those believing Roban was merely using the Empress claimed her assassins took matters in their own hands and killed him before he could steal The Empress Revenge. A few romantic souls however believed the two had truly loved one another. To support their claim they would point to the months after Robans death in which the Empress retreated to her private chambers. She was so rarely seen that at various times rumors about her death were circulating the Empire. Those supporting the romance claim believed the Empress was grieving the loss of her companion. Others claimed she was pregnant and as is custom for the Empress of Ghynzua she would therefor retreat from the public eye to keep her pregnancy and the birth of a new princess secret.


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