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Elsawu Settlement

Elsawu is a place of extremes. Terribly hot during the day. Much cooler at night. Bursting with life in the oasis, while the desert around it is as deadly as a black shark. Life is hard for the people who life here. But I have yet to find a more friendly and hospitable people than the Elsawun.
— Excerpt from A Guide to Southern Ghynzua


Elsawu is one of the most isolated settlements in Ghynzua. It is situated in the Elsawu Oasis in the Southern Sand Plains. Because it lies on the Dream Road the settlement is an important stop for caravans traveling to and from Sawu in the south. The settlement is made up of one larger central village where caravans make their stops. Around it, dotted throughout the oasis, smaller villages and hamlets can be found. For the ghynzuan government these are all together Elsawu. But amongst the locals each hamlet has it's own name. This helps them navigate the oasis.


Elsawu has a long history as one of the most important stops on the Dream Road. Therefor it has always been a much wanted location by various clans and kingdoms. The people from Elsawu have seen more war than anyone would expect from such an isolated settlement. Before it became part of Ghynzua it had been occupied countless times. To the east the Burhan Fortress stands abandoned. A testimony from the dark times this settlement has faced in the past. When around 2021 the empires ever expanding borders had stretches into the Southern Sand Plains, the Elsawun took matters into their own hands. They petitioned the ghynzuan goverment with the request to be annexated into the Empire. Since then they are under Ghynzua's protection, and peace has been restored.


The Elsawu people have a unique culture that has had little influence from the outside world. Beside the occasional trade caravan they have lived in isolation from the rest of the world.

Trade and economy

Alternative Name(s)
Palm Land
Owning Organization
Date of Annexation
2121 AP
Related Locations
Elsawu Oasis
The Southern Sand Plains

Burhan Fortress



Mud brick houses are the typical dwellings in this settlement.

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