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Elsawu Oasis

While standing on top of the battlements of the old fort, you can see the groves of palm trees stretching all the way to the horizon.
— Excerpt from A Guide to Southern Ghynzua
Elsawu Oasis is located in the The Southern Sand Plains of Ghynzua. It is the largest oasis along the Dream Road, which connects Sawu on the southern tip of the East Eghean continent with Miraiy in central Ghynzua. It is an important stop for trading caravans. Not only to allow them rest and respite from the harsh climate, but also to trade with the people from the settlement. Its date palm groves are the largest in Ghynzua.


About 235km northwest of Sawu, the oasis extends in east-west direction along a deep depression. To the south and west it is bordered by the sandy dunes of the Southern Sand Plains. To the north and east are the rocky cliffs of the Great Plateau. Inside the depression there are three great salty lakes and many natural springs utilized for irrigation. The oasis is 50km long and 20km wide, and is home to one of Ghynzua's most isolated settlements.

Flora and fauna

Date palm trees are one of the most important plants in the oasis. They provide shade for smaller trees, animals and people. Underneath the date palms Elsawun's grow fruit trees (apricot, peach, banana, apple, orange, etc). In turn they provide even more shelter to grow vegetables and some cereals like millet and barley. Another very important plant in the oasis is the Hira Osu. It is succulent which is used in many medicines. For the people from Elsawu the hira osu is one of their best selling goods.
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The dream road

In ancient times the Dream Road was an international network of trade routes. In the present time the different stops along the road are all part of Ghynzua. It is still one of the most important trade routes however and remains in function even today. The Dream Road starts in Sawu on the most southern tip of East Eghea. The bustling port city was and still is a major trade hub. There trading caravans sell products they picked up along the road. At the same time they buy exotic goods from far away lands. Because Sawu is surrounded by a vast desert the Dream Road developed out of necessity. It follows a string of oases leading northwest through the Sand Plains and used to end at Ohsawu. Now that city is merely another stop on the road to Miraiy.

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