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Seycha's Sword

Seycha's Sword is a unique sword which was once owned by Seycha the Founder. For ghynzuans this sword is a testimony of the sheer willpower and sacrifice on which the foundation of the Empire was built. It is a national symbol.
— Excerpt from The Empire


Seycha's sword is a standard sized moderately curved sword. It has a single-edged, curved and slender blade with a circular guard. The blade is made from an unknown metal which has a slightly rose gold tint. It has often been speculated that the metal is some sort of mixture of different metals and materials. A circular guard padded with leather protects the hands of the user. While the hilt is long enough for two hands and wrapped in leather and fabric creating a cross-pattern. The hilt has a small circular pommel with engraved symbols on it. Many speculations have been made over the meaning of the symbols. Scholars have yet to agree on what they mean however. The scabbard is made of the same unknown metal and inlaid with pearl and rosewood patterns.


Seycha's sword is famous for being the sword that was used in the liberation of Miraiy in 252 AP. It is the sword that Seycha the Founder carried with her when she landed on East Eghea. It is the sword that she used during the many battles with the clans of East Eghea. After her dead it was inherited by her daughter. And ever since it has been handed down from Empress to Empress.

On display

After Seycha's death the sword has always been on display in The Imperial Palace. Until one day it was stolen. Luckily it was retrieved by the Empress' seykin. The perpetrators were assassinated and their corpses hung on display in the city for several days. Since that incident the sword is kept in a secure location in the palace. Once a year it is on display to the public for one week. Security during that week goes to the extreme. Anyone with ill intent better think twice about stealing this sword.


Seycha's sword has become a legend over time. This makes it hard sometimes to keep fact from fantasy when it comes to its properties. Some have been confirmed by scholars like its extraordinary durability. For example, its blade stays sharp even without proper care, and it takes no damage when used. According to legends the sword is much more than that. It is said to give its user invulnerability, extraordinary speed, and exceptional strength.
Item type
Weapon, Melee
Current Location
Current Holder
Owning Organization
1.4 kg
Blade length
76 cm
Blade type
Curved, single edged
Hilt type
Two handed, with circular guard
Unknown metal
The Founding of Ghynzua
Generic article | May 27, 2021

How one woman changed the fate of many, and founded the largest nation in the world.


Forgotten steel

The metal of the blade is called forgotten steel. Several other swords, knives, and other items from the same unknown metal have been found in various places all over the world. Each item is unique in their design. How forgotten steel was made and by whom has been lost in time. Although some belief it was created by the Forgotten.


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