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Seycha the Founder

Founder and first Empress of Ghynzua.

From this day until eternity you are free women. No man shall ever rule over you again.
— Seycha the Founder


In the year 252 AP East Eghea was a continent tormented by an endless series of wars. Life for commoners was reduced to mere survival. In a small fishers village, in a bay on the west coast of East Eghea, war had taken its toll. A rogue war band had raided the village. They had killed the men, taken the children hostage, and kept the women as slaves. Life was brutal. Then, on the morning of the longest day, a woman arrived on the shores of the fishers village. Where she came from, no one knew. She wore nothing but loose pants and a tunic. Her long black hair tied up in a simple knot. A long curved sword in her left hand. Despite the sword the warriors saw an easy prey in her. One more to add to the flock they already had. But when their warlord approached her, the woman did not waver. She merely stood there barefoot, watching his approach. Afterwards no one really knew how she did it, but when the warlord reached out to grab her, all he touched was air. Before he could begin to wonder how she had moved so fast, her sword separated his head from his chest. For the enslaved women this was their chance to end their torment. They picked up whatever tool they could find and, together with the stranger, attacked the remaining warriors. Before noon the women had reclaimed their village and freed their children. Humbled by the help the unknown woman had given them, they asked her what they should do. It is at that moment that she spoke her most famous words. She told them that from this day on, until eternity, they were free women. And that no man would ever rule over them again. From this day on they would bear the responsibility of their families. And so they made the first step towards the matriarchy.

The empire

Soon after the fishers village Miraiy had been liberated, it became known throughout the nearby regions that a woman named Seycha had killed a warlord and his war band. That she had become the leader of a village ruled by women. The clans could not tolerate such blasphemy. Although the women of Miraiy seemed content with what they had, they were forced to defend themselves against groups of attacking warriors. The women proved greater warriors than anyone had anticipated though. Under Seycha's guidance they had been training vigorously, for their children's lives were at stake. In the first year Seycha's people freed and claimed eight nearby villages as retaliation for the never ending attacks from the clans. Their numbers grew as more women and children joined them. Much to the surprise of the patriarchal clans, there were also men joining the matriarchy. Seycha welcomed them on condition that they would know their place in her society. Still, for those who had lived as a slave or lowest ranked male among the clans, life under the rule of Seycha was often a vast improvement. Thanks to the expansion of their territory the first step towards today's empire was made in 258 when Ghynzua was founded. Miraiy became its capital, and it was there where Seycha first set foot on land that faithful day, that she was crowned as first Empress of Ghynzua.
226 AP 471 AP 245 years old
Circumstances of Birth
Circumstances of Death
Dark Blue
Long, sleek, black
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Aligned Organization
Founded Settlements

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Seycha is certainly mysterious. I wonder what her backstory is? How did she learn to fight? Why did she decide that now was the time to liberate the village? Does history remember her correctly or have there been mistakes on what actually happened? Lovely article :) I'd also like to say that I absolutely love your layout for your world. The text is so easy to read and I love how easy it is to explore your creations! Amazing!

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