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Ohsawu is a village on the northern edge of The Southern Sand Plains. It lays on the Dream Road and is only 12 km away from Nagali. Although the village sees a coming and going of tourists, traveling merchants and supply caravans year round, it will always remain a settlement on the edge between the hospitable lands of central Ghynzua and the inhospitabe lands of the south. Its people known for their ability to survive the harsh desert environment, yet just as capable to make the most out of the semi fertile lands just north of them.


The exact founding date of Ohsawu has been lost through time. But we do know the settlement existed before The Pulse. Even then it functioned as a gateway between the known world to the north and the uninhabitable desert to the south. It most likely became a settlement out of pure necessity when trade routes, later known as the Dream Road, developed sometime during The Before.

Trading & infrastructure

Ohsawu has been known as a small trading hub for all of its existence. It developed alongside the trade route it is situated on. Therefor much of it's infrastructure is catered towards merchants, Stigy Supply Carts, and tourists. The village is split in two by the giant Wide Road that is the Dream Road. One side is completely focused on accomodation for Stigyrompus and their Drivers. While the other has a Market Hall for traveling merchants. Here they trade and sell their goods for local specialities, which they then take with them to other locations througout Ghynzua. The market hall is surrounded by taverns and inns for all visitors to the village. Behind those the actual village can be found, where the local people have their homes.


Because Ohsawu is so close to Nagali it has become a popular place for tourists. Locals offer tours to the ancient site where people can learn the history and marvel at the magnificense of this ancient temple. It is also a place known for its exotic wares offered by both traveling and local merchants. Even the stigy's are a popular sight amongst tourists, who often travel to Ohsawu by Stigy Bus.
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