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Stigy Supply Cart

I can not wait for the next supply cart. It's about time we get paid.
— A ghynzuan guard at a northern outpost
Stigy's are a vital part of transportation in Ghynzua. For passenger transportation there is the Stigy Bus and the Stigy Sleigh. But for getting supplies or building materials from one place to the next large carts are used.

Supplying the North

Trade caravans travel all over central and southern Ghynzua. They rarely venture towards the north however. Certainly not during the winter months when the roads are covered in snow. Weather becomes very unpredictable and too dangerous to travel through. It is in these circumstances that the stigy's are at their best. These mild mannered gigantic animals have no trouble traveling through the harshest weather. To make sure the cities, settlements and outposts of the north get their much needed supplies special stigy carts were created. These carts come with a large compartment for supply storage, and a smaller compartment for the drivers and clerk.

Guards salary

Once a month a clerk from The Imperial Palace accompanies the supply carts. It is their job to travel to the outposts on the northern border and pay the guards their salary. This can be a dangerous journey and not only because of the weather during winter months. The Northern Clans may no longer attempt large scale attacks on the empire, but that does not mean there are no attacks on the outposts. Occasionally a clerk might find themselves in the thick of a battle when the outpost they are staying in is attacked.

Stigy Stops

All along the Wide Roads of Ghynzua stigy stops can be found. These can be compared to an inn, but they are much more than that. Every stigy stop has stables designed to accommodate up to ten stigy's. They provide food, water and shelter for the stigy's and the people (and cats) accompanying them.
Related Professions
Complement / Crew
Two or three stigy drivers, and once a month a clerk from the palace
It was the most adorable thing ever. Two cats peeked out from a top the stigy. They were barely visible between all the fluff.
— Stablehand at a stigy stop

Supply Cats

Many stigy drivers in the supply business have one or two cats who travel with them. The cats keep rats and mice from nibbling on supplies. But they are also great company. Many stigy's enjoy when the cats ride on their back during travel. To make sure these cats, who travel with the stigy carts to various places, do not get mistaken for a local cat they wear a shirt with the stigy supply logo on it. They often consider the stigy and drivers they travel with as their personal property.


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