The Before

For most nations of Ealdwyll history is split into two main parts. The part before the Pulse, and the part after the Pulse. Anything that happened before the Pulse is typically called The Before. This gave birth to the aeolean dating system, which is most often used in the world.

Aeolean Dating System


All the years before the Pulse are followed by BP (Before Pulse). For example: 34 BP. Historians typically divide this long period of history into seperate era's to distinguish between important time periods even more.


The years after the Pulse. Even though this time period is much shorter than The Before, it is still divided in a few seperate era's by historians.
Calendar Era
Before the Pulse
Era abbreviation

The Year of Sorrow

The Year of Sorrow has become a term used in most places worldwide. It is a name given to year 0. Which is the year when the Pulse happened. The is no 0 BP or AP. Instead this term has become a synonym for year 0.

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