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Anu Zí Hmong

Anu Zí Hmong is a well known member of the staff at The Imperial Palace. She works as a translator, sometimes working with important documents, while at other times she will translate during meetings between Empress Shiinu of Ghynzua and ambassadors or dignitaries from other nations. Not all is as it seems though with Anu. She has a hidden identity very few know off.

Journey to the Palace

At the age of six, life's circumstances had brought Anu to the streets of Neba. With the encroaching winter just a few weeks away the future for all homeless children looked bleak. Yet a chance encounter with a stranger changed her future for the better. One early fall morning Anu tried to pickpocket a man who caught her with her hand in his pocket. Instead of a reprimand he introduced himself as Zhao Zí Hmong. He claimed to know the Empress and offered to bring the girl to the palace where she would be given a job and a place to live. Although she had learned not to trust anyone, she took the risk. The stranger did as he had promised. He took her to the Palace where she met the Empress and became one of the many homeless children adopted by her. She was given the surname Zí Hmong as it is the surname all of the adopted children of the Empress receive.

A promising future

As one of the Empress' children, education became an important part of Anu's daily life. She soon excelled in all of her classes. The dedication and discipline she portrayed made Zhao and the Empress wonder where the girl came from. But she never revealed her past to them. Though they did have some ideas given her knowledge of meditation and martial arts basics. It was all of these traits combined that made her an excellent candidate for The Order of Seykin.

Making a choice

At just seven years old Anu agreed to join the Order of Seykin after several conversations with the Empress and Master Zhao. It is perhaps the question wether a child of such a young age is even capable of comprehending the nature of the Order, and wether the child is therefor able to make that choice for themselves. Either way, Anu joined the Order and soon started her training in the secret arts of espionage, reconnaissance and other specialised training specific to the Order. She may have been top of her class before, but it soon became clear she had a few special qualities that made her the perfect candidate for the Order.

Trained to kill

As the years went on and children were specialising into which ever area they excelled in, Anu started her training to become an assassin. She was focused, disciplined and most of all lacked the ability to emotionally attach to her potential victims.

Secret identity

Although her new training often took her away from her regular classes, Anu was still expected to finish her normal education as well. Due to her passion for language and history she eventually became a translator. Her role as part of the Order of Seykin could not be known outside the Order. Therefor she was later given a job at the Imperial Palace as a translator, where she was always available to keep the Empress safe or be send out on a mission.

Current day life

Anu the translator

Most people around her know Anu as one of the adopted children of Empress Shiinu of Ghynzua, a gifted translator who works at the Imperial Palace and a down to earth young woman who is polite yet firm. Although she is generally liked by most who know her, she does not have any close friends. She lives in an apartment in the Imperial district fairly close to the Palace, and is a neighbour to Zhao, the man who rescued her all those years ago, and who is secretively her Master within the Order.

Anu the assassin

Although Anu loves her job as a translator, her secret job is what is most important to her. As she sits in during meetings between the Empress and dignitaries, both foreign and Ghynzuan, her job as a translator will always be less important than her ability to read the room and prevent harm from being done to the Empress. She may be trained to kill, but is capable of so much more. Her uncanny ability to read peoples intentions and then manipulate them to steer the situation towards a more desirable outcome, is well known by her Master and adoptive mother.
Current Location
Date of Birth
Year of Birth
3404 AP 23 Years old
Circumstances of Birth
Parents (Adopting)
Silver grey
Black, sleek, long (reaches her lower back)
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
1.75m or 5'9"
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations

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Aug 1, 2023 23:34 by Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull

Part of me thinks it's kind of sweet the Empress adopts kids off the street, but then another part of me is concerne by the whole assassin thing. XD Anu is a really interesting character. <3

Emy x   Etrea | Vazdimet
Aug 3, 2023 07:32 by Wendy Vlemings (Rynn19)

Thank you! The adoptions are indeed on one hand because she genuinely wants to help children whom for whatever reason are without a family and roof over their head. It also inspires more families who are able to, to adopt children who need it.   On the other hand, by giving these children a better chance at life, many grow up very loyal towards her. And so those who are suited for it, might end up being trained for espionage, assassinations, etc. It is a bit of a double edged sword.

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Aug 2, 2023 18:07 by Caitlin Phillips

I really like this. Her everyday job seemed fascinating even before you even brought up espionage and assassins. I hope we get to read her story, some day.

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Thank you! I hope so too. :)

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Love that she's an assassin who's good at de-escalating. So much less messy if nobody dies :P   I wonder, does she ever use her translations to manipulate people? Choosing certain words and phrases to give the translated message a slightly different tone?

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Thank you! She certainly does use her translations combined with her knowledge of foreign customs to manipulate people. And you are right, it is a lot easier when a situation can be resolved peacefully without the need for death.

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