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The Librarian

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The head librarian of the Library of Sajhdula is a well known figure in Sajhdula. He looks at least 80 years old, yet is working every day without ever complaining. Visitors to the library know him as a mild mannered man who possesses an extraordinary amount of patience. He can find any piece of information one might seek within the library. Which has been crucial for many students of the university. The Librarian is also well liked among the female population of The Golden Light Tower and Sajhdula. Often much to the changrin of his younger colleagues.

A charming man

He is such a charming man. Always complimenting us. Not only on the way we dress or look, but also on how smart we are. Always respectful too. In the four years I have been a student here, visiting the library almost every day, never once did he touch me or any of my friends. He makes me feel strong. Sometimes I feel he has more confidence in my ability to become a historian than I have.
— Excerpt from a student's letter to her family
The Librarian has a reputation of being a charmer of ladies, as sajhdulans like to call it. It may be true that he can often be heard complimenting women on their appearance and intelligence. But despite what the rumors claim, he does not get involved in any romantic relationships with them. The rumors lead a live of their own though, and at times a jealous husband may enter the library with accusations towards the Librarian. He always stays calm though and most of the time manages to talk said husband into believing the truth.
Current Location
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White, short
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
White, wrinkled
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