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The Golden Light Tower

On an island, south of Sajhdula, stands one of the greatest buildings left behind by the Forgotten. Its original purpose has been lost through the ages. Until it was given a new purpose. Since then it is home to the worlds only living goddess.
— Excerpt from A guide to West Eghea


One of the Towers most important functions is navigational aid. It is the tallest building in the world and is easily identifiable from a large distance. The crystal on top of the Tower emits a clear white light, warning any sailors of the danger when sailing too close to the island. Aside from its functions as a landmark the Tower also houses the Sajhdulan government and part of its military forces. The most famous occupant of the Tower is however the Oracle. From all over the world people come to Sajhdula to meet the living goddess. Her readings are held in the grand auditorium on the ground floor of the Tower.


From a far the Tower looks somewhat like a tree. At a height of about 60 m the structure widens. Making it look as though the part below is the trunk and the wider part is the crown. The crown holds a multitude of large balconies which function as gardens. Many crawling plants hang down from their balconies. This strengthens the feeling of looking at a tree. The Tower is built from an unknown material. The stone has a pale golden color with golden specks. This material can be found on many buildings from the Forgotten. No one has ever been able to find where this material comes from. The tower itself is exactly 500m high.
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Crystal Light

The Forgotten left many artefacts behind. Amongst them are various items capable of emitting light. The source of the light are crystals, much like the one on top of the Tower, just in a much smaller size. Where these crystals came from and how they function has not been discovered yet. It is one of the many mysteries left behind by the Forgotten.

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