The Storyteller

Anyone who visits The Enchanted Inn in Miraiy will know the Storyteller. He is a frail old man with long grey hair and an equally long beard. Each evening he walks into the main courtyard of the inn and sits on a bench next to the pool. He waits patiently for the guests to arrive before he begins to tell his stories. Even though he seems to know every story in the world and many more no one ever looks at him as anyone more than an old friendly man who likes to tell stories.

Who is he?

There is more to this man than anyone realizes. The fact that so much about him is unknown should be a firm hint though. What is his real name? How old is he? What does he do when he is not telling stories? Does he have any relatives? No one knows. And no one questions this frail old man dressed in simple clothes. What more could he be than a simple storyteller? Are you certain you want to know?

A folded document lays in front of you. The choice is yours. Click to unfold and find out the truth.
Here is the truth. Just like the Oracle of Sajhdula the Storyteller is immortal. He doesn't even know himself how old he is. One may assume however that he had been around for thousands of years by the time the Oracle was born. Just compare them. He looks old, while she looks young even though she is thousands of years old. It boggles the mind to think of how old he could possibly be. What has he witnessed in his lifetime? What losses and victories has he gone through? But that is not the only secret behind the Storyteller. No. There is also the fact that he owns and controls most of Miraiy. Not only is he the real owner of the Enchanted Inn, but he also owns the entire harbor, warehouses included. If you rent an apartment in Miraiy chances are that the true owner of the building you live in is, you guessed it, the Storyteller. If you go out for a meal or a drink the place you're at is owned by the Storyteller. Even the banks are his property. He covers his tracks very well though. Each establisment, building and so on has an owner unaware of the fact that they really work for the Storyteller. His influence even reaches The Imperial Palace. He is and always has been a personal friend and advisor for the Empresses of Ghynzua. When the Grand Council finishes their meetings it is he who is consulted by the Empress about imperial affairs. Yet every evening this powerful man returns to the Enchanted Inn, sits underneath the lanterns strung into the tree branches above his bench, and tells stories of times long forgotten.
Current Location
Biological Sex
Light blue
Light grey, long and sleek
Skin Tone
Lightly tanned
1.55 m


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Love it! You can go so many places with this character! Nice work!

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Thank you. :) I really like this character.

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Thank you. :) He is a very interesting character.

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