Þe smoky bread bakaþ Clabook

The Bakaþ Clabook (Baker's hand book in regular Nomadic ) is a cooking book written by the famous Perrot chef, Malato Fran Ekef. While it seems to tackle a relatively simple subject, Malato went deep and philosophical about how one should always be able to transform their own food.   Two central aspects of the book were Malato's will to make the recipes relatively cheap, and as complete as possible. The book contained extensive tables describing the time one should let their stuffed bread cook based on where they are located compared to the central heating of a building. In addition to that, every recipe contained a diversity of fruits and cereals that made it a whole meal : berries are mixed with a correct dose of fibers, grains, and cereals. At any time of the year, during any season, one should be able to use that book to produce tasteful loaves and baguettes that can be eaten as a single meal. They ought to be sided with water, fruit-ale, or tea, depending on the time of the year and the event.

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Once Again, Malato has tricked us into reading ken book by talking about cuisine, only to give us an insightful lesson on social equality in the everyday life.
— Hygelmore Days
What we really liked in this book is the way it showed how equality can be attained in small moments of the everyday life such as cooking, as much as through civic rights activism. As much as a well-done culinary book, it is a philosophical essay.
— Federic News
Insightful, Well-written, informative. Our favorite bread was definitely the banana leaf-smoked loaf stuffed with red and green berries !
— The modern wind
While Malato seems eager to prove us that tasteful food can be made by anyone, we regret that ken talent goes to such a waste. Using poor, vulgar ingredients refrained the author from writing more impressive ceremonial recipes, which we all know ke knows how to make. Whether it is because Ekef Malato wants to keep these recipes for kenself, or because ke is willing to go out of ken way to prove a point, not presenting more original and ceremonial recipes is a shame, and almost seems hypocritical.
— The Noble Bird, monarchist newspaper
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