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101 Cool uses for Ice

You know, this has to be the absolute coolest book of recipes I've ever written. Way better than that one about water.  
I hate you sometimes, you know?
— Conversation between the Author and a friend
  The Seventh Floor, and Castle Town within it, reside in a landscape coated in thick ice. As such, much of the cuisine of the top floor is based on the ice. However, until the late 1800's, the cuisine was based on beating the ice -- hot, spicy, warming food was popular. That is until Chef Alabaster Latimer wrote his defining book on cold, and ice based recipes.

The Chef

Chef Latimer had been trying to make a name for himself in the culinary scene for almost his entire time on the top floors. In fact, as soon as he regained his hunger by climbing to the Fifth Floor, he wanted to be the towers most famous chef. He attempted to hone his craft while on the Fifth Floor, but the residents were put off by his Rodent Blood and Bark stew, and found his Grass Salad to be unpalatable at best. Latimer took his failure to heart, and vowed to improve -- so he climbed the tower yet again, moving to Senary on the Sixth Floor. He found himself an apprenticeship with an unknown chef in the Third Ring of Senary, and began to study.
If I'm going to be honest, and I'd like to be, I never imagined you could do anything special with ice. Okay, maybe you can make like... 2 tasty things with ice. But to come up with an additional 99? Alabaster's a genius. Pure genius.
— Book fan, Sixth Floor
Stories soon began to circulate through the inner rings of Senary, about a new chef who was cooking up a storm; all the wrong kinds of storms, however. Every single recipe that came out of Chef Latimer's time in training was nearly perfect; and yet, every single recipe had one small tweak or addition that ruined the entire dish. Sometimes, he'd decide a certain spice was needed in excess, ruining the flavour. Other times, Latimer would decide uncooked was a better way of serving a dish, rather than cooked. Each time he experimented, it angered his teacher more, until finally he was kicked out of the inner rings.   Chef Latimer took time to travel then, and find himself. He wandered the outer rings of Senary, getting to know the people, the farmers, the guards; he wanted to learn their tastes. Eventually, he tagged along with a crew heading up to the Seventh Floor. Alabaster Latimar had finally made his way to his forever home.

Seventh Floor Cuisine

One might think that a meal consisting of at least 30% ice might be a bit too cold for a place like this, no? Well, its strange... after I Chef Latimers Ice Honeyed Ham, I felt this glow within me. I felt a warmth bubble up. As if I didn't need extraneous heat. As if my body was so happy with the meal, it made the heat its self!
— Unnamed Book Fan
Peppers -- spicy peppers, sweet peppers, big and small peppers. These little vegetables were cultivated to grow in the cold environment of the Seventh Floor, and were incredibly popular as culinary ingredients, to beat the cold. The peppers are still commonly consumed, but are now generally reserved for appetizers and side dishes, as Chef Latimer's Ice Cuisine has taken over the popular Main Course options. Chef Latimer likes to make use of any form of ice found in the mountains of the Seventh Floor, but a select few he seems to use more than others.

Powdered Ice

A very dry, powdery form of ice. Specifically different from snow, and even powdered snow. Powdered Ice is found atop the tallest peaks of the Seventh Floor. Powdered Ice is identifiable by it's near total transparency, and the way it shimmers -- every slippery particle of powdered ice constantly slides against the others.

Clear Ice

Found most commonly beneath large drifts of Powdered Ice. Clear Ice is believed to consist of compressed Powdered Ice. It too is nearly totally transparent, and incredibly slippery. Clear Ice is found in sheets that are 15' thick, or more. Clear Ice is the coldest of all ice found on the Seventh Floor, but melts the quickest.

Blue Ice

Blue ice is always found at the bottom of the ice-pile. It's made of yet farther compressed Clear Ice -- it takes on such great pressures that it turns a deep shade of blue. Blue Ice still retains some of it's transparency however. Blue Ice is the last layer of ice atop the White Stone that Caste Town uses for it's architecture.
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It's pretty good. I like ice a lot more than I used to. 5/7.
— Unnamed Book Fan
Finally, a use for all this cold. I give this book a solid 5 souls.
— Food Critic
You know, I was just saying to my wife, before the book came out, "honey, I really don't like spicy food that much anymore." And then Latimer releases this book! Ah, that was a good day. What's that? You want me to rate the book? uhhh... one hundred and one! I rate it one hundred and one ices. I don't care if it doesn't make sense!
— Common book fan
The recipes get a bit weak from number 79 to 86, but from 87 onwards... those have to be some of my favourite meals I've ever had. Absolutely fantastic. A worthy 9/10, in my opinion.
— Rival Chef, and fan
A nice recipe book. Haha-- OW. Don't hit me!
— Unnamed book/pun fan


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