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Quintesson Cuisine

The following file is sent to each person that wishes to host a Quintesson Forge Works retailier post on their world.  

Welcome to the first step of gaining a Quintesson Retail Office on your world!


Dietary Requirements!


  As a biomechanical race Quintesson's have a varied diet but here is a list of what is required to be able to be produced by your location locally to get past step one!  
  1. Plasmoids:
  2. Either created via hyper-agitated particles or biologically harvested equivalent.
  3. Sustainable organic soft meats:
  4. Any non-sentient or sapient protein source can be submitted but it will be tested for palate and possibility of presentation.
  5. Colorful but pleasant tasting plants:
  6. Prefered non-sentient/sapient sources.
  7. Lubricants:
  8. Any natural or manufactured machine grade lubricating liquids.

Now onto the Dishes Themselves! Spices provided by Quintesson Forge Works

  • Plasmoidal Wine:
  • A plasmoid and plant blended drink generating a unique taste for your world's retail office. A truly unique flavor will raise the prestige of your world!
  • Youth Tart with Plasma:
  • A protein source that was aged no more than two stellar cycles before harvesting, soaked in Plasmoid wine for two solar cycles then heated on a bed of local plant matter.
  • Stuffed Plant:
  • Local protein finely ground into a near paste, soaked in local Plasmoid Wine and seasoned with one unit of energon. Protein stuff into a local plant and heated for a solar cycle. Serve for the consumer to cut open and savor the unique aromas created.
  • Local Fruit Custard:
  • Fruiting local plants mixed with a unit of energon, half a unit of rust and a pinch of plasma. Brought to a boil then subjected to absolute zero temperature to set mixture. Serve with cold.    
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