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Cybertron Rises


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Cybertron is known throughout the galaxy as the place to purchase semi-self sufficient robotic slaves from the Quintessons. Each and every automaton type was designed by the Quintesson's. Cybertron's factory produces several runs of bots but the most prolifically advertised are the Type W soldier, Type B servant, Type C Clerical, and Type D Micro-bot. There is a lot of other series of bots but most aren't known by the galaxy at large. One thing all buyers note is that the Quintesson's take great pleasure in being cruel to their creations.       The Quintesson's have grown decadent and lazy on the profit of the sale of their merchandise. Their High Judge commissioned an enormous ship practically half the size of the planet to be built to serve as the Quintesson's greatest show of power yet. It hangs above the planet fed by pipe's scaffolding and other supports as countless bots stream from The Factory to build or in some morbid cases become part of the ship's construction.   Author's note 9/1/23. Cybertron Rises was an idea for a setting pitch to me more than anything else. But if you like what you find within please keep and tinker with it in your own space. Imagination doesn't end with the screen or the printed text. Keep dreaming and occasionally I'll come back and tinker here myself.