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The Kitchen's Book of Larch Hill

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The Kitchen's Book is a printed collection of recipes dating from the Empire's most expansive phase. That it has survived to this day, as an heirloom in Larch Hill House in Downton Tithing in the Moran Duchy is something of a miracle given that many of the ingredients required for the recipes cannot be obtained in the modern Duchy.
It consists of two parts: a commercially printed collection of recipes from the early days of the Empire's continental dominance which though strange to the modern reader are well recorded in surviving archives and literature and bound with this a collection of manuscript recipes or provenance unknown but which may be from the household of the family that now treasures this snapshot of the domestic history of the Marivan Empire.

Historical Details


The printed element is known to have been published in (insert appropriate date for empire early maximum) by the printing house of Anon & Sons at Nabra-thip. Written by the leading society chef Arvo Aduki it was widely sold across the empire; the style of the recipes is indicative of The Vale of Arabour but the heavy use of sweetroot products points to either the north western part or an attempt to recreate the food of the Vale in some other part of the empire. That the book found its way to the Moran Duchy suggests the latter with Murragh (or is it Morrin) likely.

Public Reaction

As the printed work is known to have run to several editions and was pirated by printers operating in at least three other cities it is clear that this part of the work was well received and despite the elapsed centuries there are several known examples - three others exist as heirlooms in the Moran Duchy , Kingdom of Mor and Little Kingdoms (org) as well as other copies in collections in Marivar. Although several of these have had users annotations and even additional recipes added none are known to have even a half as many as the Kitchen's Book.


Author's Notes

This article was inspired by a book that I picked up in a second hand shop a few months ago - a bit of research showed that most of it was a copy of Alexis Soyer's "The Modern Housewife", a colletion of recipes published in 1851. This copy appeared to have had a bit of a hard time - the introduction is missing and it was rebound. My best guess is that this was in 1862, or slightly earlier, from an inscription on the endpaper. But...
It finishes with an additional 48 pages bound in on which (based on the handwriting) at least 5 people added their recipes. The last page has has another piece of paper sewn over it which has a 1926 date and there are a couple of newspaper clippings that look to be from the 1920s stuck inside the cover. Some of these manuscript recipes are quoted in this article but alas I have no way of attributing them better than by the title of this article.
It all goes to show you that worldbuilding inspiration can come from anywhere.   Edra   ps I notice this note was almost long enough to be a qualifying article, but it's about our world. Although the recipes above are from it, the "story of the book" is entirely of Challaria (aside from the inspiration that is).

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