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Kingdom of Mor

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As One

Founding Date
Geopolitical, Kingdom
Government System
Power Structure
Economic System
Mixed economy
The Kingdom adopted silver coinage in 200MD, basing it on the Duchy Duke. Unlike the Duchy, debasement was never a serious problem and, to this day, the Crown's of the Kingdom have maintained a purity of at least 95% silver. They therefore are of similar value to the current Duke, but for large transactions the difference is significant. The unit of account for larger sums is the Dollet, made up of 360 Crowns. When prices are written down, they are preceded by "C" for crowns or "D" for Dollets. Use of the latter is rare even for large transactions (though becoming more common) as the larger number associated with Crowns is felt to amplify the size of the transaction - and quoting sums in Dollets can be seen as making them seem trifling.
Major Exports

The Kingdom is best known for its trade in metalwork - the arms and armour it produces are not necessarily the finest (for many other places possess skilled armourers and weaponsmiths) but where quantity is needed they are unsurpassed and this with a level of quality few can even approach for mass manufacture. These goods are widely traded across Tarusia and beyond.

Since the discovery of large deposits of gold and silver in the Dragonsfang region, in 572MD,there has been an increasing export trade in other metal goods - both functional (as tools and utensils produced by the same techniques as arms and armour) but also smaller and more decorative items as the trades of gold and silversmith have moved from satisfying individual customers to looking for a wider market.

Legislative Body
The primary legislativbe body of the Kingdom is the Kingsthing - a body made up of the Jorls of the realm. The balance of power between the King and the Jorls ebbs and flows acrfoss the years.
Judicial Body
Judicial power in the Kingdom is meted out by the King - with affairs within a single Jorldom the province of the relevant Jorl. They may delegate to more professional judge, but any capital case must be judged by Jorl or King.
Controlled Territories
Neighboring Nations
Related Ethnicities

  • 8720

    Start of the Morivan Migration
    Population Migration / Travel
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  • 8810

    Foundation of the Jorlsthing

  • 8840

    Election of the First King
    Political event

    Concerned by the growing influence of the newly established Duchy the independent Jorls north of the Durran elect their first king at the Congress of Holm.

  • 8887

    The Treaty of Durranmouth
    Diplomatic action

    A tetrapartite treaty between the Moran Duchy, the Kingdom of Mor, the Freeport of Durranmouth and the Fiefdom of Hough aspects of use of the river for trade, power and fisheries were agreed and some boundary adjustments made. Marks the end of the Kingdom’s attempts at expansion beyond the Duran.

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  • 8940


    The Great Range Campaign
    Military action

    Under the Alliance of Fenton, the Duchy and the Kingdom suppress the Taru and gain lands to on the far side of the Great range. Ends with 3 new tithings created in the Duchy's new lands.

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  • 9120


    Disaster / Destruction

    Terror stalks the Kingdom in the form of flocks of Eyecrows

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  • 9120

    Geological / environmental event

    The failed harvest and famine resulting from the Devastation of Naros. For more information, see Redsummer.

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