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The Taru are, so far as ethnographic scholarship has penetrated Tarusia, considered to be the original inhabitants of the continent, pushed into the mountain and arctic areas by later arrivals. The exist as three separate groups:-
  • The Old Taru , who are probably closest in culture to the generality of the original inhabitants through their ongoing occupation of Senteru whichj has yet to be contested by other ethnic groups.
  • The East Taruvian, who's culture is broadly similar but has diverged over the years owing to the difficulty of communications over great distances and the Rangport gap.
  • The North Taruvian,separated form their southern cousins since the Morivian swept across the central plains of Tarusia.
The North Taruvian are nomadic herders and forest dwellers whilst their southern cousins mix high mountain game hunting, seasonal pastoral agriculture and small scale agriculture making use of the rapid growth of the mountain species in the short summer seasons.


Culture and cultural heritage

Common to all groups of the Taru is an oral tradition with myths and stories being shared by travelling story tellers. It is these who are responsible for the relative uniformity of language and coherence of cultures spread over extended distances with isolated settlements. The three groups have similar myths and legends relating to the period before the Morivans arrived, though they differ in emphasis and some details, with the Old Taru and East Taruvian diverging some centuries later.
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