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The Morivians are the main ethnic group in the northern part of Tarusia. Indications are that they arrived from the West around 1,500 years ago and displaced Taru (the original inhabitants of Tarusia) to the sub-arctic north and the Barrier Mountains in the South. They are typically light skinned, with ruddy complexions and black or brown hair though there is some variations between their four main groups:
The Mor - These are typically taller, stockier and lighter in complexion than their eastern cousins, and more similar in speech and customs to the group's presumed ancestors in the western lands Marivar.
The Torren - typically smaller and darker than the Mor, the Torren acquired nomadic habits after migrating to Tarusia, via Porttor and the Teruvian Sea. The passing centuries have seen many of them settle down, adopting more agriculture and exploiting the lands as their population grew and the herds of <<<whatever>>> became rarer. In the southern, wooded areas of their range they mixed with Taru gaining a tendency to red tinged hair and green eyes that marks them from the other Morivians. Following the plague of The Shaking Sickness in the mid third century (Naros Year Count) these became more general characteristics of the Torren.
The Tamb - though they share a common background with the Torren, the Tamb retain the nomadic lifestyle that the Torren have abandoned and hold them in some contempt both for their sedentary waysand, what they see as, their lack of ethnic purity.
The Murgh were a separate migration, again by sea to the Churan Peninsula. Like the Torren, they mixed with the Taru and they are typically leaner and darker than their cousins owing to the hotter climate as well as their ancestry (after a few months in the north, a Murgh will be indistinguishable from a Torren.


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