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Religion and Faith for the Taru

As with the other aspects of the Taru culture, religion and faith are not centralised and codified. The common features across all elements of Taruvian culture are:-
  • A nomadic caste of "Holy Ones", known as Tarembura who spread the stories of the Gods, maintain consistency of practice through the cultural areas and guide the power of the Gods to the benefit of the Taru. At the present time the Old Taru and East Taruvian have strong similarities in their approach and teaching whilst the North Taruvian are significantly different.
  • A core of 3 deities: the Sun God, delivering life, justice and knowledge; the Night God, concerned with death and deceit and the Moon Goddess, who governs time and the cycles of nature. Though these are present in all parts of Taruvian culture, their names, characters and relationships vary.
  • One or more Goddesses representing the resources and fertility of the land. These may a single entity worshipped across a broad region, or local to a specific resource. In so far as there has been any "independent" study of them, opinion is divided as to whether there was a single Goddess originally who's different aspects have become separated or whether there is an ongoing process of merging underway. As it happens, the former is correct.
The Taru see themselves working in partnership with their gods - the gods support them and let them prosper; they support the gods to the benefit of the gods' spheres of interest. One consequence of this is that they are conscious of their impact on the land and while there may be conflict over whether the land should be productive forest or productive grassland stripping it's resources is seen as an unholy act. This is most evident in their general refusal to make use of mineral resources that are not lying loose on the surface - mining is almost unknown and the only exception to this is the mining carried out by the Isthan Free Cities.
Specifics for Subgroups of the Taru
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Myths and Legends of the Taru
Notable Shrines and Holy Places
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