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The tarembura are the shamans who glue Taru society together, travelling between the isolated settlements spreading news and stories. Their efforts have kept the Taru culture and language far more homogenous than would have been expected.


Social Status

Tarembura are held somewhere between respect and dread, for they have the ability to acquire knowledge by the most devious means and have powers that are not in the ordinary run of man - Tarusia having no other users of magic. A high status therefore but not necessarily liked or trusted and normally seen as outsiders even in communities that they have spent long with.


Around one in a thousand Taru are Tarembura. By then nature of their calling they are spread fairly evenly across the areas where the Taru are settled but there is a notable concentration of them on Senteru.



They have few distinguishing tools, to all intents and purposes they appear to be tinkers or wandering minstrels though all will carry the characteristic Burma-ma, a knife with a short, hooked blade which they use to harvest leaves and cuttings for their remedies and charms.

Provided Services

Theirs services can bed broadly split into three categories
  • Conveying news between groups.
  • Maintaining Taru culture by passing on the myths and legends through song, poem and story..
  • The use of magic to divine, heal, transform etc and thereby ease the lives of the Taru.
  • Legality
    Whilst not illegal per se, the Tarembura have suffered persecution by the Morivan and the Sutrans, both of whom distrust the use of magic and, in the case of the Morivans, who have attempted to destroy Tara culture, or at least reduce it to the point of irrelevance in it’s historic heartlands.

    Spells and Powers



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