Sitting astride the western branch of the River Durran, Kingsholm is the political and industrial heart of the Kingdom of Mor. Originally founded as a defensive settlement on the Holm, originally a low hill overlooking a bend in the river, the settlement grew and with the digging of a second channel on the southern side of the Holm this became the mid-river island we see today with bridges connecting it to both sides. The Holm itself is now largely ceremonial - the King's court relocated to the western edge of the southern section to avoid the pollution and noise from the industrial sections of the town. These are still predominantly to be found on the northern bank of the river, dominated by the smelting and metalwork trades which have grown form the Royal Armouries to make Kingsholm the leading manufacturer of arms and armour, as well as many other metal goods, in Tarusia (though arguably the Isthan Free Cities still lead in the decorative branches of the trrade). The commercial and administrative trades dominate the southern bank.


The population of the town is unusually mixed for Tarusia. Although founded by Mor from the north eastern coast of Marivar (they claim descent from the Stormborn) Kiungsholm has incorporated significant populations from the Taru (who have favoured the commercial and artistic parts of the city's activity) and "Transmonts", from the provinces conquered between 160 and 180MD, who are pre-eminent in the administrative arms (though intermarriage over the years has softened these differences). A small community of Monkin-doo base themselves in the industrial sector and it is through their influence that Kingsholm has developed and maintained its metalworking pre-eminence.


Government of the city falls under the Berman who serves a 4 year term. They are advised by a council formed by the city's Quarters - the King's court, the mercantile and trading groups, the armourers and the Wardsmen. The last of these give a degree of democratic involvement - but more a seasoning than an ingredient.


The city is surrounded by a wall and maintains barrages that can be drawn across the river. These are more that the logs and chains often used in this role but floating fortresses that can be swung across the flow to complete the circuit of the walls. Internal secutity and defence isd provided by the river itself and drawbridge sections in the bridges linking the Hoilm to the two banks of the river.
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