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While the Tithar is responsible for the governnce of the Tithing they will normally delegate the running of the tithing town to a Berman, who functions much as does a mayor in many other states. The Berman is therefore responsible for the daya to day operation of the town, the functioning of the markets, the operation of the local taxation system and the maintenance of order in the town. This latter role brings them into regular contact with the Militia, but rarely with command responsibility.



Whilst the Berman is most definitely at (or near) the top of the tree in their town there is no single path to this position. Some owe it to a close connection with the Tithar or the Duke himself; others will rise to the position through guild structures, the militia or direct patronage.   What-ever the route taken to reach the position, retaining it requires good organisational skills, political savvy or an unambitious deputy with those skills. Incorruptibility is not a requirement and many of the more effective Bermen have been known to indulge in bribery, blackmail and the extra-judicial use of force. What matters is proportionality and if the town prospers this can be seen as a reasonable trade off.

Career Progression

Having reached the position of Berman, what then? Most Berman serve no fixed term of office (though as with most points of organisation in the Moran Duchy there are exceptions to this rule) and it is rare for Bermen to move to another town (few have sufficient connections and knowledge of the detailed workings of more than one town) so the role is very much an end in itself.   A former Berman will probably have ammassed enough influence to continue to be a player in their town or tithing, usually in the filed of their former career. In the Corvin provinces the position is often a stepping stone to the role of Tithar, but this option is not there in the tithings where that role is hereditary.

Payment & Reimbursement

Unsurprisingly this varies between towns; some are larger and more complicated to manage than others, some have an expectation that the Berman will be lining his pockets, some have independent wealth and no great interest in amassing more (it is the power and influence that is the "payment" they seek). Whatever, you will seldom encounter one for whom money is a pressing issue.

Badges of Office

In a formal setting the Berman is readily identified by their chain of office - typically made of silver and consisting of a pair of shoulder pieces engraved or enameled with the town's crest or flag connected by thin chains. In less formal circumstances a hat in colour appropriate to the town's flag with the crest embroidered is worn.
Administration / Management
Being a Berman? The worst five years of my life. Why can't people sort out their own problems? I mean the sewers - fine; the manning of the gates - fine; but noisy neighbours, lost dogs and endless meetings. No thanks.
— Arrik Amry Connor, former Berman of Castron


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