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Hearth a Minute

For all your smithing supplies - Brought to you by Hamar and Onges

The metal working industries are a mainstay of the economy of Kingsholm, originating from the King's armouries. The small workshops of the city need a ready supply of tools and materials and none is better known that "Hearth a Minute" trading on their ability to fulfil orders in short order so that the hard pressed tradesmen of the surrounding areas can meet that last minute order.   Perhaps their best known line is the "Mighty Minute Fast Start" the forge that is ready to roll aka the Blacksmith's Brougham, the Tinker's Trailer and the Wright's Wain this instant capacity upgrade is available for instant despatch from the emporium to your place of choice and, supplied with a barrel of lit coals, can be brought into use within a minute of arriving on site. Ideal for when the awkward customer needs impressing with your diligence.   Their premeses range over three floors of a substantial building in near derelict Forgeholm district and goods for a customer's order are dropped through a central shaft through the building to the sandpit in the middle of the ground floor. Anvils are stored on the ground floor, lighter implements higher up and it is a point of pride of all working there that within a few seconds of a customer's order being relayed through the network of voice pipes their goods will be on the shop floor - or as the staff say "pitted".   For those less pressed for time their warehouse holds an unrivaled range of supplies for the jobbing metal worker. Yes, of course any journeyman blacksmith can make his own tools with nothing more that a lump of bog iron and two stones to bang together but that takes time and time is what a visit to Hearth a Minute will save you.
Warehouse, Industrial
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The Propriators

Hearth A Minute was founded by and is, to this day run by, Giles "Sledge" Hamar and Dunia "Sugared" Onges. They have between them 72 years of experience in smithing supplies. Be warned, they take unusual delight in puns - the ghastlier the better, and hence their strapline "Originality for your forgery". Rumour has it that the businesses name was decided on purely by accident but Giles and Dunia vehemently deny this.


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Nov 27, 2020 20:22 by TJ Trewin

Hahaha brilliant response to this prompt! I love Giles "Sledge" Hamar :D

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