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The Vorn Cookbook

The people of Vorn were well prepared for the wasteland. Living in a particularly hostile environment, they learned how to cook what most would call inedible, into actual food. Not only was it nutritional, it was not vomit inducing. When the world began to end, the Vorn saw it as their moral responsibility to ensure the survival of many others. They wrote out recipe after recipe, even going so far as to tailor it to certain regions of the realms by sending expedition parties to find the best recipes possible.   When the original master document was written out in stone, then became the difficult task of disseminating the information. The original stone document is a sight to behold, a huge stone inscribed with every recipe known to the Vorn people. With paper and other materials being finite, the Vorn people came up with two solutions to spreading the information; First, through word of mouth, teaching various people recipes that would best suit them. The second solution was to inscribe large rocks with the best recipes for that region. Neither solutions are the best, but they remain the only current solutions.


To help as many people as possible, to ensure that no one goes hungry due to lack of knowledge of their surroundings. The end of the world motivated many of the Vorn people to share their recipes, to share what they had been cooking for generations. Although not in wide circulation, many of of the Vorn people hope that eventually the recipes will be common knowledge to everyone across the wastelands.

Document Structure

Publication Status

Publicly accessible, both in stone form and word of mouth. The Vorn people specifically chose those with the best memory, as well as the most caring.

Historical Details

Public Reaction

The initial reaction was mixed. Many rejoiced at the challenge, while others recoiled at the idea of cooking food out of what seemed to be rotten wood.
Guide, Survival

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