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Old Mairn's Propper Marish Meals

Old Mairn is a renowned cook in Grand Marin, she learnt from an early age the value of fine ingredients and combining techniques to create masterful recipes.   Mairn began her career as a serving girl for the Duke of Hemsworth, she took over cook duties when she tasted the soup on its way to the Duke's table and realised the chef couldn't tell his salt from his straffire. From that point on her career went from pillar to post.   Eventually, Mairn tired of cooking for other people's prestige and ventured out on her own. She compiled her recipes into a cookery book and sold enough to retire on the island of Bilney.

Document Structure

Publication Status

Available throughout the Marinian Isles thanks to the invention of the printing press in 1555

Historical Details


The importance of this document is greater than any decree or armistice, it is well known this book has prevented more wars breaking out than any other artefact known to man. "A man never fought with indigestion," as Old Mairn used to say.

Public Reaction

The book was received with joy by every household in the Marinian Isles.
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