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Nana's Terrific Tinctures.

A collection of recipes brought together by a kindly Axio man named Thurn Altis. Through years of work he has preserved the many recipes of his wife Flora Altis, otherwise lovingly dubbed "Nana Flora."   Thurn and Flora owned a tea shop for 40 years before retiring and turning the business over to their two young sons. These sons did not believe that their new business venture would live long, so they re-branded to become "The Morning Star." a tavern with a roaring fire, gnarly weapons hung on the wall, and a dark wood aesthetic. The boys soon learned however, that the environment that their mother had made was not so easily changed. Their clientele still came in to chat with Nana, and to have her teas, and sit by the fire and relax. From the tiniest grandmother, to the enormous, bemuscled sailors from the key just down the road.   Thus they rebranded again, and "Nana's Nightly Tincture" (Named after her most famous blend) became a community staple once again. Cozy and warm, as all of her foods are.   Within the book is a brief Vignette describing the legend above, and a series of recipes for baked goods, sweet onion roasts, and warm teas, nectars, and caffes.


Created for the express purpose of keeping the legacy of Flora Altis alive through the ages through love.

Document Structure

Publication Status

Being sent to all corners of Sorenthis, it can be found here and there in bookstores, but it is a rare find indeed.

Historical Details

Public Reaction

Instantly beloved by the populous of Axiom, instead of buying it for themselves, the townspeople elected to have them shipped elsewhere so others might enjoy at least an echo of what they do.


Though Nana Flora is fading into age at the time of this being written, her beloved recipes and philosophies will go down in history as one of the most positive experiences.

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