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Herbalism, Potions, & Magical Healing

Passed down from generation to generation, the well-worn, leather-bound Ohno clan bible on healing with herbalism and magic is a carefully guarded treasure. Each new entry and update is duplicated to be stored in the family safe. In this modern age, it's also backed up digitally to an encrypted storage site.   If you skim the table of contents, you'll see quite a few recipes that combine well with the herbs and magic to help the patient intake and absorb the prescription. The Ohno clan believes in the power of food as a vehicle for magical remedies.   You'll also find a section on poisonous plants used medicinally. This part is written in code, for fear that someone will use the knowledge to make poisons.     Treatment of magical shock is a not often used but vitally important area of knowledge. Every member of the clan learns how to deal with this condition because they'll likely see it at least once in their lives.   Much of magical medicine relies on the heart and attitude of the healer. The first chapter stresses this point. It goes on to describe meditative and breathing practices, bath additives, massage, and acupuncture. There is even a chapter on dealing with difficult patients, and pressure points on the body to knock a troublesome patient out.   Despite there being a section on love potions, the Ohno clan refuses to deal in such frivolous matters. Healing should be of the mind, body, and soul. Forcing another to 'love' you, will only last so long, bringing hurt to both parties.

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Several texts on Kotodama are referenced. But most were lost to history.


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Manuscript, Magical (Tome/Scroll)
Authoring Date
The first entry is from 1604.

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