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Emotional Distancing Potion

A magical effect used to put off major emotional trauma. This mind altering recipe is in the Herbalism, Potions, & Magical Healing secret recipe book by Ohno Suzu's family.   The few known to be treated with this potion report the following:

Known Ingredients

Salt, daikon radish, and persimmon  

Ingredients Mentioned by One Patient and Not Another

Hibiscus, pine needles, okra, arnica (because the jar was labeled that way), ground coffee, mushrooms, and possibly pickled plum brine.  

Unidentified Ingredient

Iridescent crystals pulled from a dark amber jar with no label. When added to the bath, gave the water a gentle effervescence. Patients recalled the scent that reminded them of cinnamon. Though, recollections of the crystals are hazy.

by Becris



The healers chopped the solid items finely, added the salt and strange crystals in the bath, and then the chopped ingredients. The patient soaked with this 'soup' in the deep tub.  


The trauma victim was put in a bath. The healer poured the ingredients in with them.  


Patients guess about 1 hour. But additional potion was added to extend the effect in one patient's case.  


Within seconds the patient couldn't remember what recently happened before they were in the bath. They were a little loopy and more extroverted than normal during the effect. But the person's mental state seemed to settle before they had to deal with the overwhelm of what they had been through.  

Side Effects

  • When it wore off the emotions came in all at once. It could be harsh, but of short duration.
  • Disorientation. Feeling that the patient should have known or remembered something important. Though the memories returned when the potion wore off.
  • Emotional distancing potion

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