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Freezing Potion

A silvery blue liquid, that freezes to the surface it contacts upon impact. Room temperature until it's activated.  


Though if combined with the spell ability to direct liquids, it's a very powerful potion.


Developed by the Ohno-clan in the 1600s. Potion creation is a well guarded secret.


Need to cool down a cake before frosting it? Not a problem.
No need to call the exterminators anymore. Just use a vial of this handy potion and mop up the remains.
Medical Emergencies
Local medivac teams carry the potion to stabilize patients and store organs for transplant.
Snow Sculptures
The secret to the big entries in the Sapporo Snow Festival.
Summer Fun
Instant Popsicles and cool water slides.
And so much more
The imagination is the limit. Though, it should be noted the Ohno-clan will not sell to those who would weaponize the potion. It's only used for self-defense by the family.
Material Components
Related Element
Effect Duration
Until the liquid melts

Cover image: Created with stock frost image stock from Aaron Burden by Amy Winters-Voss


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5 Oct, 2019 10:10

That was a really cool entry for a potion! And I love the related lore on the "Herbalism, Potions, & Magical Healing" page <3   Also: cool "Potency" box, I love how you made it not straight

5 Oct, 2019 11:13

Thank you! It was fun to write. Maybe I should write a quick tutorial on how to make things rotate - it’s pretty easy to do.

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