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Stealing Ki

When a magic user gives in to the temptation of 'free for the taking ki' and pulls it from something other than their own reserve, it disrupts the natural flow. Multiple ancient texts mention that to restore the balance, the amount—three fold—will be extracted from the thief.   
Now, only my fingers appear to have that ghost-ish fire on the outside, but it’s moved inward. Instead of warming, a chill overtakes me…a biting thing that races through my core.


Initially the thief will feel invulnerable, drunk on the power. Then they will notice red fire traveling up their extremities. Their thoughts grow dark. Everything around them will be drained of its life force as they use it for magic. The area affected depends on the power of the user and how long they stole ki. Without warning, the magic user grows cold and exhausted, as the price of their sin is paid. For most, every ounce of their vital force is drained—leaving only dust behind.   


Stop the magical shock and apply massive ki infusions. Some healers refuse to treat the condition, preferring to let nature take its course and end the one who likely took lives in their greed.  


Death, unless treated quickly. The thief may have only moments.  


A heavy stigma hangs over surviving ki thieves. Not because they gave into temptation. But that their greed for power can lead to heavy loss of life.
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A fictional condition, developed for the Liminal Chronicles series.

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Dec 6, 2020 21:19 by Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull

Really interesting condition - I should think that would be enough to deter most would-be thieves. I like the note that most healers refuse to treat the condition.

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