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"The Wandering Gourmand" - Staple foods of Visinell Sanctuary

While there is always a bounty of food in the illuminated lands of the Spires, belts tend to be a bit tighter - and palettes less refined - along the lamp-lines and in the minor Lamp communities. As all farmers know, strong crops require strong light, and where Spirelight is weak, crops tend to be stunted.   To make up for their Lamp's weak illumination, the good citizens of Visinell Sanctuary have adopted an ingenious solution. At the base of their principle Lamp there is a door, heavy-set and heavily fortified. Beyond that door lie the famed Caverns of Visinell and they are truly a wonder to behold.   There are many galleries, some descending to a depth that when standing at the bottom, the ceiling above is beyond the reach of most small sunstones. The roughly-carved tunnels that connect the galleries have been smoothed and finished over many years, and now they are as brightly lit as the inside of a lantern. The galleries remain wreathed in shadows however, because that's the way their residents like them.   The farmers at Visinell have mastered the art of raising and caring for enormous cave salamanders. The creatures are almost completely sightless and they can grow to be as long as a person is tall. The Visnelli farmers raise the creatures, fatten them up, then slaughter them for meat. They supplement this diet with a wondrous array of cave-grown mushrooms. These staples, when combined the the small yields of grains and berries grown on the surface sustain the community and the excess meat is sold as a delicacy that is in demand up and down the lamp-lines.  
Corhga Duntrosi, "The Wandering Gourmand", Thalinost, Flame of the Thalinspire


"The Wandering Gourmand" is a guide book detailing the dietary preferences of the various communities of the Southern illuminated lands. It's author, Corhga Duntrosi considers himself to be the finest "adventurer-cook" in the world, and has dedicated his life to uncovering the unusual and often delicious cuisines of the region.   Each entry contains a recipe for a staple or favorite dish from a community, along with an often-embellished account of the place's history, peoples, and customs. While the veracity of his storytelling is often in question, his attention to detail when it comes to food is unquestioned. Thanks to his book, small communities throughout the illuminated lands have found their traditional ways and staple foods turned into fashion trends and delicacies almost overnight.   Humorous, cheaply made, often-exaggerated, and always interesting, Duntrosi's "Wandering Gourmand" is found in virtually every home among the working classes of the illuminated region.
Guide, Generic

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