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Elven Culinary Arts

Though the elves are mostly renowned for their magical talents and their contributions to the archano-tech revolution, that is not their only area of expertise.   They are also known to be quite skilled in the culinary department.   Their thirst for knowledge and exploration has led them, typically before the other alliance races, to embrace trading and exchange with other races regularly. And, in the case of food, as earned them access to ingredients and knowledge that others are simply lacking.   All the more for them to gloat about and their self-confirmed superiority.   What is undeniable is that with their fine skills with magic gives them an edge with preparing and cooking dishes that others just can’t match on their own. Needing a dish to simmer for exactly the same temperature for an exact amount of time? Child’s play for even the mediocrely blessed, magic wise, among them.   Even given the limited resources that they could forage for and gather from their native lands, they still managed to create fantastic dishes. They were the first to heavily incorporate spices and herbs in their dishes. And, with the trade that came with the globalization allowed through the Archano-Tech Revolution, their options multiplied exponentially.   And when you added in their ability to outright enchant their food to enhance flavor or extend freshness, and the advantages of an Elven chef reached unfair levels over their other compatriots.   But they didn’t simply serve seasoned nuts and berries, though that was a time honored and cherished staple. They expanded and grew into baking, sautéing, roasting, and drying. They even learned a form of ‘freeze cooking’ that a couple races from the northern frozen stretches of neighboring countries has perfected.   One particular elf, Ms. Sweetwood, quickly became a well known favorite for her baked goods. Where other Elves strove for knowledge and expanding their horizons and notoriety through the Archano-Tech game, she focused, and specialized, in baked goods.   She was so singularly focused, that she had recipes for the exact same item, tailored to different races. At any one time should could have six seemingly identical versions of a simple meat pie. But the elves loved them for their near floral bouquet and after taste that gave it a finishing touch like spring water against the pallet. The Dwarven version had an earthy tone to it that was exemplified with basil.   She quickly discovered that Avistians are easy. They are sugar fiends through and through and if an Avistian came through that didn’t have a sweet tooth, they were simply an imposter. All of the baked goods she had set aside for them were filled with, topped with, or made from sugar, honey, or one of the many sweet berries and fruits she could get a hold of. Her bakery became so popular among the Avistians, that she ended up having to devote half of her shelf space specifically to them. And, in doing so ensured she had a thoroughly ridiculous flow of Avistian traffic. Avistians would go well out of their way to stop by her shop to pick up an order of fruit filled scones or maple syrup and sugar topped doughnut logs.   At one point someone was so annoyed at the over-popularity, as the lines sometimes took thirty minutes or more to get through, that they spread a rumor about it potentially being a target of hostile forces’ gorilla warfare.   If they had hoped the rumor would lower the crowds, they obviously would have been very angry at the results.   Upon the rumor getting out, a force of at least a platoon strong, at any given time, provided Ms. Sweetwood, and her shop, twenty-four hour security. Around the shop, along the way home, and at her place of residence, along with a roaming patrol that hung in the air above her. Entire flocks of Avistians hung around with the intent to pummel any poor sap that tried to interfere with their sugar fix.   The Avistians were not taking the threat lightly, and guarded the “Sugar Queen” with a ferocity that would have made their ancestors proud and welcome them to stand vigilance in the god twins’ palace.   All while entirely off duty.   The Avistian military personnel, and some civilians even, took turns during their off hours to make sure she was safe from harm. This went on for months until it was eventually confirmed through back channels to be a malicious rumor.   Ms. Sweetwood for her part enjoyed the attention and care she had been receiving from the honor guard. With their dedication she felt validated in her choice of career, and worked doubly hard to be worthy of their admiration.   It is rumored that on the Last Day, when the majority of the world began dying, a group of Avistians from the local base were in to pick up a sizeable order for their unit. When the sirens wailed, signaling the end of days, the Avistians snapped to action.   By grabbing Ms. Sweetwood, her staff, and as many patrons as they could carry, before flying off and away from the city before it was obliterated. They weren’t able to save the city, but they were able to save the Queen of Sugary goodness at least.

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