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Xala̱'is' Journey

Xala̱'is' Journey is a book scribed by an intrepid minotaur chef from the Rainlands. She traveled the lands of the True Folk, learning food traditions from every clan, tribe, nation, and group that she encountered. The manuscript contains several hundred recipes and accounts of her travels, and comprises many volumes.


Xala̱'is' Journey is a cookbook and account of the culinary adventures of the minotaur chef Xala̱'is.

Document Structure


Xala̱'is' Journey is divided into three broad categories, one for each nation: The Minotaur Protectorate, The Grand Tribal Confederacy, and The Goblin Nations. Notably, the tales and recipes held within each section are not necessarily cultural dishes from the nation. Rather, the recipes are divided into whichever geographical area that the food tradition was encountered by Xala̱'is.


Goblin history walls, orcish oral history, minotaur records.

Publication Status

This document is publicly available and has been copied many times.

Historical Details


Xala̱'is, a veteran of The War of Tusk and Horn, wanted to travel the newly-formed lands. Having been a farming slave owned by a noble family of Careodunum royalty, she had always yearned for the ability to see the world beyond her farm, as well as taste the food that she helped produce.


As soon as the war ended and Xala̱'is was free, she began traveling. She didn't really have a plan, at first, but she began going on adventures and recording the things she encountered. Fairly soon, the focus of her recording was the foods and food traditions she experienced along the way.

Public Reaction

Xala̱'is' Journey has been received very well by almost everyone who has read it, with the exception of some of the more conservative citizens of The Minotaur Protectorate who are irate at her for "revealing their cultural traditions" to the wider world.


Xala̱'is' Journey has inspired many individuals to pursue their passion. The True Folk are, in many ways, still living in the shadow of their long oppression, and activities that are not immediately deemed useful are often discouraged. Xala̱'is has shown, with her decades-long work, that one's passion may be worthwhile, even if it isn't as immediately useful as smithing, hunting, or farming.
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