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Menicean Cuisine

Dlintiarna leg, ranger sauce.   One fresh Dlintiarna leg. Preferably use one that was cut the same day, or the day before.
5 white mushrooms
3 rosemary branches
20 spoons of cream
3 glasses of white wine   Gently cook the leg in an oven. Regularly water it, so the meat stays juicy and does not dry. Cut the mushrooms, mix them with the cream. Once the meat is dew, add the mixture and the rosemary branches. Keep cooking until the skin dries. Serve.
  Dlintiarna meat is an uncommon ingredient to Gérouns meal, usually reserved for those who can afford it. Among the common folk, it is often used for special occasions such as weddings, festivals, and such.   This recipe is mostly found in the Great Forest where it's easier to find wild Dlintiarnas and mushrooms. As the years went by, it spread north and is not known in all Menicea.  
Poigrumie pie   4 spoons of sugar
3 eggs
3 spoons of butter
3 - 4 Poigrumes
4 spoons of flour
1 spoon of yeast   Melt the butter. Add the eggs, the sugar and then the flour and the yeast. Mix everything into a homogeneous paste. Cut the poigrumes into dices, and add them. Put in a hot oven, and leave it until the border of the cake is light brown.
  Cakes are the treat of high society. They can afford sugar and will often have cakes at their soirées to show off their wealth. Menicea got its sugar at the same time it made contact with Humanity, as the Seaglow Coalition is one of the main providers. Nowadays, some farms are starting to bloom in the south of the Great Forest, indicating a possible future broadening of sugar use in Menicea.


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