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Sylas' Saucy Secrets

Image by FrozenStarRo of deviant art

In the land of Acrylicarion in The Weeping Woods, Syla lives as one of the most famous cooks in the land. She is often times called over to the kingdom of Balance in Breace to cook for the queen of the nation. Syla has made a cook book in which she has recorded her versions of all the changelings recipes in Acrylicarion


Syla created this book in order to preserve Acrylicarion's culinary traditions with a new swing to make them more interesting. She also has some of her own recipes in there

Document Structure


Her recipes are labelled in alphabetical order, each one recorded in an index

Publication Status

This is not Syla's personal cookbook which has messy scribbles from trying out new ingredients and such, but instead the publicly published version with all of the recipes recorded

Historical Details


This book contains all, and I mean ALL, of the Changelings previous recipes

Public Reaction

The public were so happy when this book was published. For years the public has had taste's of her food and have wanted to know her secrets for years, they were thrilled when they found it

It was a day like any other, I was walking through Mr Birch's book store when my eye's fell on the words "Syla's Saucy Secrets." As my mind fully registered the words my eye's lit up as i ripped it from the shelf and threw a handful of coins onto the table, rushing off to the general goods store to cook ALL OF THE RECIPES!


It has recipe's from hundreds of years ago and is expected to last hundreds of years more

Manual, Culinary
The Weeping Woods

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