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The Krehuri Cookbook

Food that Goes Well With the Sakastro Region's Famous Alcoholic Beverage

Krehuri is an interesting drink - You either hate it or love it. Either way, there are a lot of food that goes quite well with Sakastro's regional alcoholic beverage...
— Excerpt of the introduction of the book

The Sakastrian culture of Krehuri is closely linked to the region's wide selection of food traditions. There's nothing else than Krehuri that can be drunk when eating Vruki, and a lot of the area's meat dishes - especially the side dishes accompanying said meat - are perfect compliments to the slightly spicy taste of Krehuri.

The cookbook was written as a celebration of this culture. Although it isn't too well-known outside Greater Sakastria it's very popular within this area, as well as among lovers of the Sakastrian kitchen.

Manual, Culinary


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